Can you view high school yearbooks online, while they do offer subscription services, you can look through all of their online digitized yearbooks for free (although you will get bombarded with ads). … has a nice collection of yearbooks, and they are completely free to search and to view.

Is there a way to look at old high school yearbooks?

Call the local library nearest to the high school. Some libraries keep copies of the local schools’ yearbooks. These will be stored in the reference section, so you will be unable to check them out. However, you can look through them while in the library.

How do I find someone's yearbook?

To search for a specific yearbook, a certain person, or other content (such as clubs or teams) within a yearbook, look for the Search option in the upper right of any page, and select All Yearbooks from the drop-down menu.

Are yearbooks public?

Publication DateConditionsCopyright TermBefore 1923NoneIn the public domain1923 – 1977No copyright notice.In the public domain

How can I find a yearbook from my school?

  1. Contact Elementary School Attended. Call or visit the elementary school you attended. …
  2. Check Local Resources. …
  3. Use an Internet Search Engine. …
  4. Access Classmates’ Yearbooks. …
  5. Place Newspaper Ad.

Can I get a yearbook reprint?

Yearbooks reprints are available in hardcover or softcover. Reprints will preserve any images originally printed in color (including the cover), but won’t add color to images originally printed in black & white. You can preview the yearbook pages on our site before you buy.

How do I find my old high school graduation pictures?

Contact your old alma mater and inquire about the availability of past class photos. Many schools maintain archives of each graduating class’ yearbook and pictures of special events such as the senior prom or homecoming football games, in its library or main school office.

Are high school yearbooks public domain?

Copyright issues regarding yearbooks are not at all clear. … Because the yearbooks were sold, they are considered “published” and the photos in the yearbooks will also be considered published. Any yearbook published between 1923 and 1977 that has no copyright notice in the work is in the public domain.

How do I access yearbooks online?

You’ll need to go through their directory-style index, choosing State, then County, and then look under “School Records and Histories” for available yearbooks listed. Some may link to pay sites, but many link to free sites as well.

Are yearbooks free?

This list of links below will always be for FREE yearbooks that you can search online. Yes there are yearbooks available on subscription sites like Ancestry or My Heritage, but all these below are all free.

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How do I find high school classmates for free?

Find high school alumni, yearbooks, and reunions. provides class reunion websites for every graduating class of every high school, with free and open access for all. Operated by volunteers from your class; supported by contributions from your class.

What is a digital yearbook?

An app driven digital yearbook that you can keep with you on your phone or tablet. The only digital, interactive version of your exact yearbook, where students & staff sign, sticker & video each other — right in the yearbook. … Through the app, you can sign, sticker and send videos.

Are classmates free?

At Classmates®, you can be a free member or a paid Classmates+ member. As a free member, you can list your name in Classmates communities so others can find and contact you, plus search and view yearbooks for free. … With an upgraded Classmates+ membership, you have full access to everything on

How can I find my kindergarten pictures?

  1. Ask Your Parents or Other Family Members. …
  2. Visit Your Local Library. …
  3. Ask for Old Classmates’ Yearbooks. …
  4. Search Online. …
  5. Make a Call to Your Elementary School.

Does anyone buy old yearbooks?

Though it may seem hard to believe, there is an active market for old high school and college yearbooks. … If you’re eager to get rid of your yearbook quickly, consider contacting a website that deals exclusively in selling them.

How can I see my school pictures online?

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your school or organization.
  3. Enter your student’s name and any other requested info to search for your photos.
  4. Choose which photos you want to order, a background option, and enter the information needed.

How do I find my graduating class list?

  1. College or University Lists.
  2. Contact the registrar’s.
  3. Follow the registrar’s instructions.
  4. To make.
  5. Check with third-party companies.
  6. High School Graduation Lists.
  7. Call the principal’s.
  8. Ask whether you.

Do schools keep class photos?

The answer is yes. School Districts can hold copyright ownership of the images in question.

Can you buy a yearbook from classmates com?

Classmates is excited to have high school yearbooks available on our site! We have over 350,000 yearbooks available for your online viewing from high schools coast-to-coast, and we are adding new yearbooks every week.

How do I replace my high school yearbook?

Contact the school by phone, email, the school’s website or a letter to inquire about purchasing a copy of the class yearbook. School libraries often have transferred old yearbooks digitally. If an actual copy of the yearbook is not available, a CD or electronic file of the yearbook might be.

How do I order a yearbook from LifeTouch?

  1. Go to and enter the Yearbook ID for GLC (14123320). Click Next.
  2. Enter your child’s information. (Note that you need to enter your child’s name as it appears on school records. …
  3. Select Standard Yearbook. …
  4. Complete the order form with your billing and payment information.

Is classmates com a safe site?

Classmates has a consumer rating of 1.37 stars from 60 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Classmates most frequently mention credit card, automatic renewal and customer service problems.

How do I find old classmates?

Now social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ are the primary way people do an alumni search for class reunions and simply stay in touch with each other. People need to track down old classmates and school buddies for a variety of reasons.

Is classmates com a legitimate business?

It’s harsh advice, but if you don’t hear it now, you could fall prey to a new scam campaign that pretends to be an invitation to join, but, as AppRiver explained, is actually a clever ploy by digital deviants to get access to your computer. …

Who owns the copyright to a high school yearbook?

Yearbooks published before March 1, 1989 are no longer copyright protected. Resellers have clear access to them. If there is no copyright notice in a yearbook or if there is and the owner of it is not the school, the school is not the owner of that book if nothing else suggests the school owns the rights to the book.

Do I have to be in the yearbook?

If you would not like to be in the yearbook, you (usually) have to opt out. This is usually included in 1st-day forms. However, opting out often excluded you from a lot of other things too.

Are yearbooks legal documents?

The Supreme Court confirmation hearings showed that yearbooks can be documents for research as well as nostalgia (opinion)

Can you find school records on Ancestry?

Ancestry is home to an extensive collection of city and county directories, as well as telephone books, professional directories, church centennial books, school lists, and yearbooks.

How do I make a yearbook online?

  1. Upload your own PDF or start from scratch. It’s really easy to create your own yearbook design with Flipsnack. …
  2. Design and edit your yearbook online. Flipsnack’s drag and drop editor is easy-to-use and free. …
  3. Add your own text. …
  4. Save and publish online or print your yearbook design.

Who makes high school yearbooks?

High School & College Yearbooks | Jostens.

How do I find someone I went to high school with?

Search your School Records: One way you can try out is to search for the contacts of the person the school records. You can visit the high school where you and your friend went together and show up your identity to the authorities. Now, ask for the contact details of the friend whom you are searching for.