How do you get into IPAP Air Force

To be considered for the IPAP, an enlisted member must be on active duty in grades E-3 through E-8 with a minimum of two years active-duty service, but no more than 14 years active-military service as of Aug. 31, 2018. Officer applicants must have less than eight years active duty service as of August 31, 2017.

Who can apply for IPAP?

IPAP is a 29-month, two phase program that includes 16 months of academics followed by 13 months of hands-on training at a military medical treatment facility. “This unique multi-service opportunity is open to enlisted members and officers from any career field,” said Col.

When can I apply for IPAP?

The application window at is 1 October 2021 to 1 March 2022.

Can civilians apply to IPAP?

Q29: I am a civilian, can I apply to this program? Q29: No. Q30: I am not in a medical MOS, am I still eligible to apply? A30: Yes, All officers, warrant officers and enlisted Soldiers are eligible to apply for IPAP.

Do you need a bachelors for IPAP?

Effective January 2003, IPAP students receive a Bachelor of Science degree upon completing Phase I of their training, and receive a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree upon completing their PA training.

Will Air Force pay for PA school?

Through the Air Force, these scholarships are offered for one and two academic years. … After completion of your PA program you will come into the Air Force as a 1st lieutenant, O-2. You’ve worked hard to get to this point. So why wait?

Does IPAP count towards retirement?

The benefits for IPAP are amazing. It has consistently been a top performing school (top 15 more or less) for the past 5 or so years. … Once you graduate you become a commissioned officer which is another pay raise and your time in school also counts towards retirement from the military.

Will the Air Force send me to PA school?

SELECTION YEAR 2021 The Air Force is accepting applications for the Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP). This advanced medical training program is a unique, multi-service opportunity available to active duty enlisted and officer applicants from any career field.

Can National Guard go to IPAP?

(3) Clarification to the AR 601-20 2-4 d(4): Commissioned officers will attend IPAP in their current officer branch and grade held.

How do you get into the PA school with the military?

It is not an entry-level program. You must first be accepted for service in the U.S. military, and you must serve honorably. You must effectively prove yourself worthy and eligible for IPAP. Seats are limited each fiscal year, so there’s no guarantee you’ll be accepted even if you meet the requirements.

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How much does an army PA make?

Payscale provides a salary for PAs in the U.S. Army as follows: Median Annual Salary: $94,000 ($45.19/hour) Top 10% Annual Salary: $119,000 ($57.21/hour) Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $76,000 ($36.54/hour)

How much do physician assistants make in the Air Force?

Average Salary for US Air Force Physician Assistant: The typical salary for a US Air Force Physician Assistant ranges from $89,009-$103,658, with an average salary of $96,334.

Will the Army pay for PA school?

What is it? This is a program in which current active duty personnel can stay on active duty, with full pay and benefits, and attend PA school entirely on the government’s dime.

Does the military have a physician assistant school?

The Army offers well qualified officers, warrant officers, and enlisted Soldiers an incredible educational opportunity to become a PA through the IPAP located at the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Center & School, Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

What is the fastest way to become a physician assistant?

  1. Complete a Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited School. …
  2. Fulfill Your PA School’s Prerequisites. …
  3. Obtain Real-World Work Experience with HCE and PCE. …
  4. Apply to and Attend an Accredited PA Program. …
  5. Pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE)

Does the Air Force have a nursing program?

The Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program (NECP) offers active duty Airmen an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an in-demand career in the Air Force.

Can you go to school while enlisted in the Air Force?

(AFPN) A program allowing active-duty enlisted Airmen to attend college full time without loss of pay or benefits, and graduate with both a degree and a commission might just be the best kept secret in the Air Force, officials said.

What rank is a PA in the army?

Physician Assistant – 65D As an officer in the Medical Specialist corps, they play an important role in improving the overall quality of life for Soldiers and their families.

Does the Army hire pas?

The Army offers qualified personnel educational opportunities to become an Army physician assistant through its medical schools, such as the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE) at Joint Base San Antonio. Approximately 200 Air Force, Navy and Army soldiers receive the training yearly.

How long is PA school?

Most programs are approximately 26 months (3 academic years) and award master’s degrees. They include classroom instruction and clinical rotations. As a PA student, you’ll receive classroom instruction in: Anatomy.

How competitive is Army Hpsp?

How competitive is Army HPSP? The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is not itself as rigorous as getting into medical school ( i.e. there are not 50x as many candidates in the HPSP class as spots are). It is competitive because it is a competitive medical school.