How do you take care of a WoodWick Candle

WoodWick candles should be burned in a room that is well ventilated but protected from drafts. Do not burn the candles for more than four hours at a time. Extinguish them after four hours, allow them to cool for two hours and then trim the wick again before you relight them.

How do you care for a WoodWick candle?

#1 Keep the wooden wick short. keep your wick trimmed. Trim the wooden wick before your first burn to 1/4 inch. Before your next burn, we suggest using candle wick trimmers to trim the wood wick to 1/4 inch again before re-lighting. If the wick is too long, it cannot absorb the wax and burn properly.

Do you trim the wick on a WoodWick candle?

ALWAYS TRIM YOUR WICK. Like a cotton wick, you want to trim your wooden wick before every burn. While the advised height for cotton wicks is ¼”, wooden wicks only need to be at 1/8″ – 3/16″. The shorter height allows the wax to capillary up the wick to feed the flame properly.

How do you make WoodWick candles last longer?

For optimal burn, keep your wood wick trimmed to about ⅛”, and clean off any burnt wood from previous use. Other than the tunneling problem, if your wood wick candle won’t stay lit it’s probably because the wick is too long, or it needs to be trimmed clean of charred material.

How long do WoodWick candles last?

Optimally, WoodWick candles can last for the following number of hours: WoodWick mini candle jar – Approximately 20 hours. WoodWick Hearthwick – Approximately 50 hours. WoodWick medium candle jar – Approximately 60 hours.

Why does my Woodwick candle crackle?

When the wood is burned, the water becomes heated to a point that causes it to boil and release steam. If the steam becomes trapped, the pressure is exerted on the surrounding wood causing it to weaken and give. The steam that is released creates small bursts of flames giving rise to the signature crackling sound.

How do you take care of a candle?

  1. Ensuring an even first burn will prevent your candle wax from tunnelling. …
  2. Trimming your candle’s wicks before burning is the best way to ensure a clean burn. …
  3. Instead of blowing out the flame, dip the wick in liquid wax or use a special candle extinguisher to prevent smoke.

Do Woodwick Candles burn slower?

Wooden wicks create a horizontal flame that throws more heat into your candle quicker, so even though it burns slower and lower, a wooden wick candle with heat up your fragrances and creates a scent throw into your room in less time.

Do you cure candles with lids on or off?

Let your candles cure before test burning them. The minimum cure time is 3 days, while 1-2 weeks is the preferred curing time, especially for natural waxes such as soy and coconut. Place a lid on each candle and store them in a place away from excessive heat or light.

How do you trim a candle?

To trim candle wicks, carefully cut each wick with a pair of small scissors or a wick trimmer. For best results and for safety purposes, trim wicks when they’re at room temperature. If you forgot to trim the wick before burning your candle, for example, let it cool down before cutting it.

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What kind of wax is in WoodWick Candles?

WoodWick Candles are a blend of soy and paraffin wax that allows for a cleaner and smoke free burn.

Are WoodWick Candles worth it?

Candles from Woodwick never give off an intense amount of fragrance but that doesn’t mean they don’t throw scent either. … It was a good amount of scent and not too much for those that get headaches from candles that are too intense. Presentation: WoodWick Candles, especially the ‘Trilogy’ candles look great.

Do WoodWick Candles have lead?

Cotton or Wood Wicks That’s a lead core and when you burn a candle with it, it emits lead into the air. Burn these candles often and in enclosed spaces and there’s even a potential for lead poisoning.

How do you keep candles from getting dusty?

Store candles in a cool, dark and dry place until next season. This will keep them clean of dust and debris, and can also help protect the wax and fragrance. Also, don’t throw away the lids to your candles. They help protect them!

What to do after lighting a candle?

Once your candle’s lit, don’t blow it out until the top layer of wax has melted all the way across. This might take several hours — so don’t set out to burn a candle at all unless you’ve got time to kill. Eventually, the tunnel will grow so deep that it’ll be tough to light the wick at all.

Do I need to trim a WoodWick?

Just like a cotton wick, wooden wicks need to be trimmed in order to perform at their best. Keep the wick trimmed between 1/8” and 3/16” so the wax can be drawn up the wick properly. If the wick is too long, it may not be able to draw the wax and the result will be a poor flame.

Can you cut candle wick with scissors?

A simple pair of scissors can trim any wick, including candles that are in containers, like glass jars or votives. But after a couple of uses, the wick can be hard to reach. One trick is to access the wick with toenail clippers. You can also use a pair of wick trimmers made specifically for hard-to-reach wicks.

Can you cut a wood wick with scissors?

Because we have candles in pretty much every nook and cranny of our home, I use my fingers to reach in and pinch the wick debris out of my candles… … A good sharp pair of scissors can be fantastic when trimming wicks, just be sure to remove the clipped wick debris from the candle wax.

How much essential oil do you put in a candle?

How Much Essential Oil for a Candle? While undiluted essential oils may throw a strong scent, you’ll need to add quite a bit to soy or beeswax candles. We recommend using 30 to 40 drops of essential oils for a single eight-ounce candle. Remember that soy and beeswax aren’t known for their ability to throw scent.

What is good about WoodWick candles?

WoodWick candles have a reputation for burning cleaner than many other candles. They produce a natural smell and do not introduce additional smoke into your living space, that is, if they are used properly. When they are burned correctly, they can last for a very long time and burn without wasting wax.

Why is my candle tunneling?

Candle tunneling occurs when only the center of the wax right around the wick melts and burns down. … Sometimes, candle tunneling is caused by a wick that isn’t large enough for the size of the candle, but more often it’s caused by the timing of the first burn.

Can you leave candles uncovered?

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he advised candle lovers to never blow their wicks out manually, explaining: ‘Most candles come with a lid for a reason — use it to snuff out the flame and this will keep the scent intact. … ‘This ensures less soot is formed when the candle is burning and the oils are kept conditioned.

Can you put candles in the fridge to set?

Put your candle in the refrigerator: While you will be anxious for your candle to set up completely, putting your candle in the refrigerator will speed up the cooling process but can “hurt” your candle in a few different ways. … Even then, we only recommend leaving the candles in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes MAX.)

How long should a candle cure?

Most people recommend at least 24 to 48 hours for a paraffin-based candle, and up to a week for a soy-based candle. But there are things you can do when you are actually making the candle that will help too: Make sure to add your fragrance oil at the right temperature.

Is WoodWick owned by Yankee Candle?

In 2017 Newell Brands acquired Smith Mountain Industries, makers of the Woodwick brand of candles. Woodwick candles are now a premium brand sold by Yankee Candle.

What wax is best for making candles?

The best waxes to create pillar candles are paraffin, beeswax and palm wax. However, you can also use wax blends to make pillar candles. Container candles are candles that you create to sit inside of a glass jar (with or without a lid), metal tin or other type of container.

What happens if you don't Trim candle wicks?

Trimming the wicks will keep the candle burning without any black soot and it will give your candle a longer burn time. Here is what happens when you do not trim the wicks properly. When a wick gets too long it cannot draw wax all the way up to the top of the wick. Therefore, the wick itself will start to burn.

Should I trim the wick of a new candle?

The first step is to always trim the wick. Trimmed wicks make for a cleaner burn with less smoky residue. Ever buy a brand new candle only to watch its glass jar turn black and smoky? There’s a way to prevent those unsightly smoke stains, and it’s incredibly simple: Always trim the wick.

Can you relight a candle?

Can I relight a candle that has been lit before and the wick is black/ burned? Yes, you can, as long as the wick isn’t too short and there is wax to burn in the candle, you can light it again.

Why do virgins trim their wicks?

An untrimmed wick in an oil lamp has more of its length burning. That results in the oil being used up faster. So a trimmed wick is more economical. And in this context, the virgins in question are simply unmarried women or girls.

When should I trim my wick?

Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch at all times. It is suggested to trim the wick every 4 hours of burn time. When wick trimming, you should always extinguish the flame, let the candle come to room temperature, and trim the wick before relighting.