How long should you study for the FSOT

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time (at least six months) to study and prepare for this test.

How do I prepare for the FSOT exam?

Tips for acing the written exam: Know your current events! You can be sure the written exam will ask you about geography, political structures, and modern world conflicts. Make a habit of reading The Economist, The New York Times, Foreign Policy, and other renowned current events periodicals.

How long is FSOT good for?

In-person tests are valid for five years or the length of a candidacy initiated during the five-year period. A candidacy begins on the date a candidate takes the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT).

What percentage do you need to pass the FSOT?

A 154 is the minimum passing score on the multiple-choice portion, including Job Knowledge, English Expression, and Situation Judgment. This means that scores from 160-179 are average, 180, and above are impressive.

How hard is it to become a foreign service officer?

The search for extraordinary U.S. citizens to serve as Foreign Service Officers is intense and the qualifying process is rigorous, demanding and highly competitive. If you are interested in becoming a Foreign Service Officer (FSO), you must first register for and take the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT).

Is there math on the FSOT?

This exam consists of questions related to many subjects: geography, history, math, economics, culture, English, and even a biographical report section. In addition to passing the exam, applicants may need to take an Oral Assessment, obtain a medical or security clearance, and more.

How hard is FSOT test?

The FSOT is a very challenging exam with a low pass-rate (hovering between just 30% and 50% of test takers). So you should not underestimate the need to study for this test.

Is there an age limit for foreign service officer?

To enter the Foreign Service, you must be an American citizen between the ages of 20 and 59 and, although there is no educational requirement to become a Foreign Service officer, the vast majority of applicants hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Can you retake the FSOT?

As long as you are otherwise eligible – have taken the FSOT no more than once in the last 12 months – you will be able to submit a new application during the five-week registration period and change your career track. If you do not take the FSOT during that testing window, the application expires.

How many questions are on the FSOT?

As noted above, there are 60 questions on the test and only 40 minutes to complete them, so you must think fast. Our study guide contains a step-by-step video tutorial and walks candidates through test areas that tend to give test takers difficulty. Our flashcards help candidates’ study on the go.

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How much does the FSOT exam cost?

Is there a charge/fee to take the FSOT? There is a $5 sitting fee for the FSOT. This fee is fully refunded to the candidate one to three weeks after the testing event.

How long is foreign service officer training?

Training. The class ranges from five to six weeks long and typically has between 75 and 100 students.

How long is QEP?

Also, for any questions during a QEP application, email [email protected] for support. How long does the application evaluation process take? The evaluation process will take no more than 40 business days. Missing or incomplete documentation may cause delays.

Is a foreign service officer a spy?

So, let’s be clear: Foreign service officers are NOT spies. They do not work for the CIA, FBI, DIA, or anyone else in the IC (Intelligence Community). … It is very likely that you’ll have some security clearance and deal with classified information as an FSO, but you are not a spy. You’re a diplomat.

Can foreign service officers have tattoos?

There’s no regulation banning tattoos for US diplomats.

What degree is needed for Foreign Service?

A bachelor’s degree is required to become a Foreign Service Officer (FSO). You will need to choose an FSO career track before you begin the application process (consular, economic, management, political and public diplomacy).

How long is FSOT essay?

The essay is limited to 2800 characters. A display will indicate your remaining time as you write.

What do you wear to the FSOT?

Although you should always look your best (especially for the other parts of the selection process), when taking the FSOT, you should dress for comfort. … The test is already uncomfortable, so you might as well increase your comfort level by wearing clothes that are appropriate for the weather and comfortable to sit in.

What to study to become a diplomat?

A diplomat must be versed in foreign relations; therefore, the most recognizable route to a career in diplomacy is a bachelor’s and then master’s degree in a major like international relations, political science, cultural anthropology, sociology, or foreign policy.

Can you study for the FSOT?

IN CONCLUSION. All in all, there are different ways to go about studying for the FSOT. For those who want to prepare: you can easily find out what to expect (online, in the bookstore, or from a diplomat in residence) if you think it will help you. … You can study for this test.

What is a foreign service officer in the State Department?

A Foreign Service Officer (FSO) is a commissioned member of the United States Foreign Service. Foreign Service Officers formulate and implement the foreign policy of the United States. … Other categories include Chiefs of mission, Ambassadors at large, Foreign Service Personnel, and Foreign Service Nationals.

How many people pass the FSOT each year?

In calendar year 2019, 9,294 people took the FSOT—not unusual if we look at the past 20 years or so. The test is given in February, June and October.

How many foreign service officers are there?

Foreign Service size This includes: 7,999 Foreign Service Officers, called “generalist” diplomats. 5,791 Foreign Service Specialists (consular fellows are counted by State Human Resources as specialists)

How many Foreign Service officers have been killed?

Since the establishment of the Diplomatic Security Service, four Special Agents have died in the line of duty. As of March 2016, a further 133 locally engaged DSS staff, host country law enforcement personnel and members of the US military had been killed while undertaking diplomatic security duties.

What is FSO exam?

TSPSC FSO recruitment procedure involves written examination (objective type), walking test, and medical test. The written examination will be Online based /OMR examination with 2 sections: Paper I & Paper II. … Candidates qualified in the written exam will be called for the Physical endurance test, i.e., walking test.

How do I prepare for FSOT Reddit?

  1. Be aware of what’s happening in the world. …
  2. Do the DOSCareers mobile app practice questions repeatedly. …
  3. Refresh your US government and US history knowledge. …
  4. Practice for the English Expression section! …
  5. Practice writing essays.

How do you pass the FSOT situational Judgement section?

  1. Accept all the edits and say nothing to your supervisor.
  2. Ask to speak to your supervisor to understand the reasons for the edits.
  3. Accept only the edits you agree with and send the document to Washington.
  4. Ask your supervisor to explain how you can improve your writing skills.

How long is the foreign service application process?

A safe bet is to consider the whole process, from your decision to apply to when you are offered the job, to take an average of 1.5 years. What do you do during this time? The FSO selection process consists of the: Application.

How do I join the Canadian foreign service?

The educational requirements to enter the foreign service vary depending on the type of position. Completion of a bachelor’s degree is usually required. A graduate degree or several years of experience may be an asset. Proficiency in French and/or other foreign languages may also be an asset.

Do foreign service officers travel?

Employees posted to exceptionally dangerous posts may receive additional danger pay of up to 25% of base pay. Most Foreign Service Officers spend approximately 60% of their careers overseas. For this reason, issues such as travel to post, transportation of household effects, and housing overseas are important.

Is the Foreign Service a good career?

A career with the Foreign Service may appear glamorous: worldwide travel, government-paid housing, generous pay and benefits. In some instances, though, working as a Foreign Service Officer can be very challenging and sometimes dangerous. During this career you can expect to be assigned to hardship posts.