Is Brainly free

Free – Brainly is 100% free of charge! … Brainly covers education levels, such as elementary school, middle school and high school. Our learning community is reliable – the quality of answers and explanations are ensured by a dedicated team of moderators that check all content on a daily basis.

Does Brainly cost money?

Brainly Pricing The Annual subscription plan costs $24, which is billed once annually unless cancelled. This option averages out to $2 per month.

Is Brainly app free of cost?

It is absolutely free. Only you have to earn point by answering some questions, and you can freely ask anything.

Is Brainly basic free?

Brainly’s mission is to give every student in the world a platform to share and explore knowledge in a collaborative community. You can always access most of the content and features available on Brainly for free.

Can you get Brainly for free?

Our current 7-day free trial to first-time users is currently only available to a select number of users using our Brainly iOS and Android mobile apps. … For more information about the different Brainly Plus plans, we offer by clicking here.

Is Brainly better than chegg?

The difference between Brainly and Chegg is that Brainly is a website that helps you with your assignments and homework by providing you with accurate solutions. While Chegg is an online platform where you can sell or buy any book with a minimum amount. And also helps you in solving your queries related to education.

How do I cancel my Brainly free trial?

  1. Access the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Scroll down until you reach the Subscriptions feature.
  4. Tap on Subscriptions.
  5. Locate your Brainly Plus subscription.
  6. Select Cancel Subscription.
  7. Tap Confirm.

Is using Brainly cheating?

Brainly is a place for students to share and explore knowledge together as a community. Our Honor Code does not allow cheating, plagiarism, or other violations of academic integrity.

Is Brainly a good app?

Brainly has a consumer rating of 1.69 stars from 185 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Brainly most frequently mention answer questions, free points and help others problems.

Can you trust Brainly?

Community Rating This is a horrible website that is used almost exclusively for cheating. Even though their so-called ‘code of honor’ prohibits students from answering or copying tests questions, test cheats make up a substantial chunk of Brainly. As in, it’s what students pretty much ONLY use it for.

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How much does Brainly tutor cost?

Brainly Tutor is available as an annual subscription for $96 ($8 / month).

How do I install Brainly app on my laptop?

  1. Search Brainly – The Homework App in Google Play.
  2. Download and Install Brainly – The Homework App.
  3. Enjoy playing Brainly – The Homework App on PC with MEmu.

How do you get free chegg answers?

  1. Free Trial Method. Chegg company provides some free trials for four weeks. …
  2. Reddit Method. If you are using the Reddit social network, you can easily get free chegg answers. …
  3. Get Chegg Answers from Discord Server. …
  4. We Find Chegg Answers for You. …
  5. Best Chegg Alternatives.

What is Brainly app used for?

General overview. Brainly provides a platform where students, parents, and teachers help others with homework questions. Students use Brainly to strengthen their skills across subjects such as English, mathematics, science, and social studies.

What is Brainly used for?

Brainly is a platform for students around the world to help each other with their homework. The site is geared mostly to middle and high school students, though college students use the platform too. Any registered student can post a question to the platform, and other students will post answers in reply.

How do I delete my Brainly account?

The option to delete your account can be found in your Profile Settings under Privacy. Click on the box labeled I want to delete my account, and the request will be sent for the account to be deleted.

How can I get Brainly plus?

  1. You can upgrade to Brainly Plus at any time by clicking on the sidebar on the right of or in the app by clicking on the Subscription option.
  2. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, your Brainly Plus subscription will be activated instantaneously.

How do I get my money back from Brainly?

If you are unsatisfied with your Brainly Plus subscription and would like to request an immediate termination and refund, please contact us by writing to [email protected] or by submitting a request below.

How do I remove a payment method from Brainly?

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to your Account Settings.
  3. Select Subscription.
  4. Select the payment information and make the desired changes. Related articles.

How do I cancel my Brainly subscription?

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to your Account Settings option from the dropdown from your profile picture.
  3. Select Subscription.
  4. Select Cancel subscription.

Can teachers see if you use Chegg?

Chegg or Course Hero cannot be tracked and the instructor cannot directly tell if you used Course hero or Chegg to study or get answers. However, you will be caught if you copied everything from word to word.

Can you try chegg for free?

Chegg offers free trials only from time to time. There are alternative options you can use to test the Chegg services before subscribing. Whether you use an alternative or one of Chegg’s official offers for a free trial, you will need to create a Chegg account first.

How can I get free Brainly points?

Complete a challenge on Brainly and receive those extra points. Get on the leaderboard and receive extra points daily, weekly, and monthly for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Become a site Moderator and earn 5 points for each moderation performed.

Do Brainly tutors get paid?

Can you get paid on Brainly? No. You can earn points by answering questions, but you cannot trade those points for money.

Do teachers use Brainly?

Brainly is moderated by a team of volunteers that are peer users as well as teachers, and it operates on an honor code that prohibits plagiarism and stipulates that users only post content from textbooks or course materials with explicit permission from teachers.

Does Brainly give info to schools?

Is it considered cheating to use websites like when doing schoolwork? – Quora. The answer is big NO! BRAINLY app is just a simplified version of online forums (e.g.Quora) but it is only used for SCHOOL STUFFS (off-topics is not allowed on this app).

Which is better Quora or Brainly?

Quora will be better because you will get more content and different types of explanation rather than brainly.

How does Brainly tutor work?

Brainly Tutor is a new feature on Brainly where you can have your questions answered live with a vetted expert in just a few minutes. … You can chat directly with your tutor, ask follow-up questions, and be given images, equations, and drawings to guide you through the correct answer.

How do you become a Brainly tutor?

Answer: You type out your question and it should ask you where you want to post it. You choices are tutor or community. Choose community.

Is the homework app free?

One of the most popular scheduling apps on iOS is simply called “The Homework App.” Available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, this app features a minimalistic design that offers support for your class schedule, homework schedule, and more. … The Homework App is free on the App Store.

Is Chegg cheating?

Well, the answer to that boils down to how the answers from the site are used. Chegg is not considered cheating if you use it as a study tool for personal studies and not a source of answers to submit to class. … In this case, you can use Chegg responsibly and make use of its resources without giving a trace of cheating.