What are the strands in SHS

Each student in Senior High School can choose among three tracks: Academic; Technical-Vocational-Livelihood; and Sports and Arts. The Academic track includes three strands: Business, Accountancy, Management (BAM); Humanities, Education, Social Sciences (HESS); and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM).

What are the types of strand?

  • Concentric Strand. A concentric stranded conductor consists of a central wire or core surrounded by one or more layers of helically laid wires. …
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  • Compact Strand.

What are the four Academic strands?

The Academic track has four strands: Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM); Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics; Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS); and General Academic (GAS).

What is the best strand in senior high?

Social ones are helpers who love to work with people. They fit well in jobs such as coaching, teaching, and counseling, so either the GA or HUMMS strand of the Academic track is the best choice for them.

What is Strand in SHS Humss?

HUMSS stands for Humanities and Social Sciences. This strand focuses on the study of human behavior and societal changes, and analysis of arts, culture, literature, and politics. HUMSS subjects include political science, anthropology, linguistics, psychology, and communication.

What is TVL Strand?

Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Strand TVL Strand is designed to develop students’ skills that is useful for livelihood and technical projects. It provides a curriculum that is a combination of Core Courses and specialized hands-on courses that meets the competency-based assessment of TESDA.

What is Strand example?

An example of to strand is for a boat wreck to leave people deserted on an island. An example of to strand is to create a braid. The definition of a strand is one piece of a fiber, fabric or similar material. An example of a strand is one piece of hair.

Is flight attendant under Humss?

A Flight Attendant is one example of a job an HUMSS student can take in the future. They serve people on airplanes with patience, comfort and kindness so that they can serve you the best way they can.

What strand is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Strand.

How do you pick a strand?
  1. Get advice from your seniors!
  2. Know the strand more through research. …
  3. Ask yourself what your goal in life is. …
  4. Think about the job opportunities in that field! …
  5. Consider your passion in life! …
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What is stem strand in deped?

This strand provides preparation for students in using science, math, engineering, and technology to solve real-life problems and advance national development. …

Is ICT a strand?

What is ICT Strand? Information Communication and Technology or ICT Strand is one of the strands offered under Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track of K-12 curriculum. ICT strand subjects seek to teach students concepts and skills in information technology.

What strand is teacher belong?

The HUMSS strand revolves around improving a student’s reading, writing, and speaking skills because if you haven’t noticed yet, people who choose this strand are aspiring to become members of the society who will be be dealing with a lot of people. (e.g teacher, psychologist, lawyer, etc.)

What strand is HRM?

Students who want to pursue a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management are encouraged to take the Home Economics strand under the Technical-Vocational and Livelihood (TVL) track. The strand covers interesting topics like beauty and wellness, cooking, fashion designing, tourism, hospitality, and handicrafts.

What is under ABM Strand?

The Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) strand would focus on the basic concepts of financial management, business management, corporate operations, and all things that are accounted for.

What strand is police belong?

Humanities and Social sciences deals with studying the diversity of human behaviours and interaction in social, cultural,environmental,economic and political contexts. In this strand you will encounter the future lawyer, teacher, police, politician, writer and etc.

What is Humss?

What is HUMSS? Humanities and Social Sciences is a strand offered to senior high school students under the Academics track. The HUMSS Senior High School strand is designed for students who intend to take up journalism, communication arts, liberal arts, education, and other social-science related courses in college.

What are strands in education?

The term ‘strands’ is used to indicate: (a) the disciplines within a learning area, e.g. history, geography, economics and civics under ‘social studies’, each with its own associated goals for learning; (b) domains that group the related general and specific learning outcomes or achievement aims and objectives within a …

What is an academic strand?

The academic track is simply the track that prepares students for the most common college courses such as business management, engineering, and the sciences. … Students may choose their strand in the same way that they decide a course in college.

What strand is cookery?

Home Economics (HE) Strand While the ICT strand focuses on technology, the HE strand focuses on livelihood projects such as caregiving, cookery, bartending, baking, handicraft making, tourism, housekeeping, dressmaking, and such.

What are the courses under ABM?

  • Accountancy.
  • Management Accounting.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Business Administration.
  • Marketing.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Human Resource Development Management.
  • Hospitality Management.

Is ABM easy?

If you will never make your brains active, ABM will be surely hard for you. Honestly the difficulty of a subject, lesson, course or strand is still depends on the student itself. If you will never make an effort to read or analyze those stuff you might panic! ABM is easy if you will focus and make it as your priority.

Is there math in Humss?

Next, if you think being a HUMSS student is easy because there’s little to no math or science involved, you need a reality check. … Sure, you might be spared from taking several math subjects, but there’s no escaping the copious amount of reading, writing and research in HUMSS.

What strand is for pilot?

The Academic Track has a sub-branch called Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics strand (STEM). The subjects in STEM are in line with the courses related to aviation, which is ideal for senior high school students who are planning to get into the aviation industry.

What course is pilot?

Bachelor of Aviation The most common type of higher education to pursue when you want to be a pilot is a bachelor’s degree in aviation. Some higher education institutions offer this degree as part of a Bachelor of Science (BS) program, and others offer aviation education as part of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) program.

How do I choose a SHS Strand?

Before choosing the desired track or strands, make sure to research. Identify possible careers and job opportunities in the future and look into average salary offers. It should help you start visualizing what you want to do, and therefore choosing the right track to jumpstart your career. Next, consider yourself.

Which is better ABM or stem?

If you love Business and Math and want to be in the business world and banking industry someday, go for ABM (Accountancy, Business, Management). … If you’d maybe want to be a Doctor or get into Engineering, you’d probably go best with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

What is the easiest course?

  • Creative Writing. …
  • Physical Education. …
  • Psychology. …
  • Public Speaking. …
  • Anthropology. …
  • Art History. …
  • Acting. …
  • Photography. If you’re not in art school or trying to become a professional photographer, taking a photography class can still provide you with valuable lessons.

Which is better stem or Humss?

These said, HUMSS is best for students who want to pursue Education, Mass Communication, Theater Arts, AB English, Political Science, and other related courses. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). STEM strand teaches the students about the basics of science, technology, engineering, and math.

What courses are under Humss Strand?

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication.
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Criminology.
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education.
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism.
  • Bachelor of Arts major in Social Studies.

What strand is animator?

Information and Communication Technology strand with Animation as a sub-strand was designed to boosts students’ visual creativity through sketches, drawings, and other visual media with the use of computer technological enhancements.