What does it mean to be results driven

The term “results driven” is a great term. It speaks to a person’s ability to create momentum based on their ultimate goal of getting things done. Arriving at a finish line takes a lot of effort, focus, and hard (or smart) work. … Results-driven people are, first and foremost, great decision makers.

What does it mean to be results oriented?

Result oriented is a term used to describe an individual or organization that focuses on outcome rather than process used to produce a product or deliver a service.

Is it bad to be results driven?

Being too results oriented sucks the joy out of your work and leads to increased levels of stress and anxiety. When you equate a desired outcome with your state of well being, the stakes become too high and you will fail to enjoy the journey that leads to your ultimate destination.

How do I become more result driven?

  1. Separate larger goals into smaller actions.
  2. Plan your time.
  3. Organize tasks by priority.
  4. Write everything down.
  5. Try time-saving strategies.
  6. Motivate yourself.
  7. Develop productive habits.
  8. Regularly track your progress.

Is it better to be process driven or results driven?

In the end, a process-based approach is not necessarily better than a results-oriented mindset. Finding the right balance is important to your long-term success. … In as much as focus on results encourages initiative and dynamism, if you are too results-driven, you are in danger of poor implementation.

What is another word for results driven?

Synonyms could be goal-oriented (goal is also in the singular for the reason) and ‘ambitious’.

Is results driven a skill?

‘Results orientation’ is a term used to describe a person’s ability to recognise what results are important – and what steps need to be taken to achieve them. It is an important skill in many careers, such as business or law, as it can be pivotal to the success of an organisation.

How do you drive results at work?

  1. Help everyone understand the company vision:
  2. Motivate them to get better:
  3. Aim for the stars, reach the moon:
  4. Focus on development of subordinates:
  5. Open to feedback:

Why is being results driven important?

That means they measure their success on whether they have achieved their desired results or not. … They set a goal and that becomes their desired result. They then go to work on tasks that will move them towards that goal.

How do you say results driven?
  1. aggressive.
  2. determined.
  3. earnest.
  4. energetic.
  5. enthusiastic.
  6. resourceful.
  7. anxious.
  8. ardent.
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How can we avoid result oriented thinking?

  1. Learn to embrace both good and bad luck. Part of the beauty of this game is that the best strategies don’t always win. …
  2. Learn to think in terms of ranges rather than single hands. …
  3. Stop checking your results frequently. …
  4. Pay more attention to the numbers behind the game.

Is it good to be outcome oriented?

Outcome-oriented thinking is best used when we are trying to achieve something experimental by design, something that will require flexibility and failure along the way.

How can I focus on work results?

  1. Have track records of consistently achieving high results.
  2. Are mentally oriented to continuously anticipate reaching the finish line.
  3. Are highly effective motivators.
  4. Set ambitious goals for themselves and their teams.
  5. Provide clear and succinct direction.

What is the opposite of results driven?

If you are too process driven, you are in danger of losing momentum. If you are too results driven, you are in danger of poor implementation. 1.

What does process driven mean?

A process driven organization is as it sounds, focused on process. This means that the organization sharpens their process, working to become extremely efficient while maintaining value. This allows for operational growth, efficiency, and organizational knowledge.

Is it results oriented or result oriented?

Like a number of other such compounds, it’s hyphenated when it comes before a noun, otherwise not. He is results oriented. He is a results-oriented person.

How do you achieve results?

  1. Set aggressive but achievable goals. I like to think of goals as “the object of a person’s effort”. …
  2. Look for supporters. …
  3. Get organized. …
  4. Allocate resources. …
  5. Use technology strategically. …
  6. Monitor progress regularly. …
  7. Celebrate success.

How do you use result driven in a sentence?

  1. In large corporations with established marketing departments, waste happens when marketing decisions are ego-driven rather than results driven. …
  2. Yes it is a results driven business, we know that. …
  3. So much for the business being results driven.

How do you show results on a resume?

Use numbers, percentages, statistics, and superlatives when appropriate. Show results, and whenever possible, avoid using “I” statements. Stay away from subjective language unless validated by example e.g. excellent communicator.

Is results driven a value?

It is less about what we do and how we do it, but rather about how much of a difference we make. Hence ‘result-driven’ is one of the core values we cherish and nurture. … We get to results for our clients in 3 different ways through a brand/consumer collaboration.

What behaviors drive results?

Pushing hard, even running over people, to get better results. Inviting others to challenge the boss’s ideas and strategies. Championing teamwork and collaboration. Blaming and even firing individuals when they don’t “deliver”

How does an HR manager drive results?

Human resources managers can uniquely drive business results by innovating creative ways to cost-effectively build the organization. Having an effective workforce in place when the rest of the organization has needs accelerates achieving corporate goals. … Commit to the long-term annual goals of the CEO.

What is result oriented performance appraisal?

Result oriented performance appraisal system is method of performance appraisal that used to evaluate employees. based on their task performed. It promotes adverse, high performance work force by implanting and maintaining. effective management. Its main objective is to measure employees based on what they achieved.

What is result driven leader?

A results-oriented leader is one who tends to be decisive and confident in taking charge. They are focused, logical, and organized. Typically, they are task-orientated and will set high expectations for yourself and those around you. They are likely to be confident speaking out and direct with their language.

What does focus on results mean?

When results-focused leaders bring a people-focused mentality to the table, they create the right environment for new ideas to thrive. These leaders are able to draw out as many good ideas from their team as possible while prudently steering a process that creates workable solutions.

How do you deliver results?

  1. Always perform at your highest level of capacity.
  2. Continually Follow-through on your commitments.
  3. Don’t forget to follow-up on your tasks.
  4. Consistently hold your team accountable.

Why does being process oriented lead to better outcomes than result oriented?

Unlike the result-oriented approach, process-oriented people stretch themselves to learn and earn on the go. They learn from their mistakes and work not to achieve objectives but to make sure that they accomplish that objective way better comparatively the road before they have done that in the past.

What is another word for goal oriented?


What's another word for team player?

  • assistant.
  • associate.
  • co-worker.
  • colleague.
  • confederate.
  • helper.
  • partner.
  • quisling.