What does Johannesburg represent in Cry the Beloved Country

Johannesburg represents the evil forces that try to draw us all away from the things we know are right. Once we get caught up in a life of sin, it is almost impossible to come back.


Why did Gertrude go to Johannesburg?

Before the beginning of the novel, Gertrude’s husband left her with her small son to go work in the mines, and stopped writing letters home. Gertrude went to Johannesburg to look for him and disappeared in turn. … Kumalo receives a letter from Msimangu asking him to come to the city and take care of his sick sister.

How is the rural land represented in Cry, the Beloved Country?

The countryside symbolizes the good, natural, untouched virtues of Africa. Paton opens the novel by praising the beauty of the land. Throughout the novel he builds on this notion by showing further examples of how the life of the African society is connected to the health of the land.

Why did Stephen Kumalo go to Johannesburg?

Why did Stephen Kumalo go to Johannesburg? He received a letter informing him that his sister who had moved there was not well. He went to see what he could do for her. While there, he intended to try to find his brother and his son who also had gone to Johannesburg to live.

Why is there a bus boycott in Johannesburg Cry, the Beloved Country?

Dubula tells them that blacks are boycotting the buses because the fares have been raised and persuades them to walk the eleven miles to Alexandra. As they walk, they accept a ride from a white driver, who goes miles out of his way to help them.

What happens to Gertrude at the end of the novel Cry the Beloved Country?

Gertrude Runs Away Gertrude promises to give up her immoral ways and even claims, at one point, that she wants to be nun. But, she eventually ends up running away from Mrs. Lithebe’s house and leaving her young son behind.

What promises does Absalom's girlfriend make to Gertrude?

Absalom’s girlfriend eagerly promises that she would be willing to care for Gertrude’s son ”as though he were my own” and would never ”talk carelessly” in front of him. Satisfied, Gertrude asks her to keep this information to herself until a decision has been officially made.

What is the significance of Kumalo's sons name?

When Absalom murdered Arthur Jarvis, he denied God, much like Peter did when Christ was arrested. It wasn’t until he was arrested that Peter renewed his allegiance to Christ, so wanting to name his son Peter symbolizes Absalom’s apology and repentance to his father.

What is the significance of Kumalo's son's name?

First US editionAuthorAlan PatonPublisherScribners (USA) & Jonathan Cape (UK)Publication dateFebruary 1, 1948Media typePrint (hard~ & paperback)

What type of South African Does Stephen Kumalo represent?

Often known throughout the novel as “umfundisi,” which is a Zulu title of respect, Stephen Kumalo is highly respected as the native African pastor of St. Mark’s Church in the village of Ndotsheni and also as an upstanding, moral, strong member of the native South African community.

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What are the symbols in Cry the Beloved Country?

Symbols are used to represent deeper meanings that an author would like to convey. Three symbols in Cry the Beloved Country are Johannesburg, the gold mines and the Zulu church. Johannesburg has drawn away Kumalo’s sister, brother, and son.

What does the drought represent in Cry the Beloved Country?

The drought that covers the land in Chapter 30 becomes a symbol for the drought of the spirit as well as of the land. Rain and water are traditional symbols of birth, purification, and love. Conversely, the absence of water and the absence of rain must be regarded as symbolic of death, or a withdrawal of love.

What does the title Cry the Beloved Country mean?

This young, progressive, white South African who had been an active leader in the black community was found shot dead in his home. ‘Cry, the beloved country’ is to say, ‘cry, Africa. ‘ Picture Africa as a mother grieving for her slain son while also calling out for an end to the abuses toward her people.

What is in the envelope that Jarvis gives Harrison?

At the station, Jarvis slips John Harrison an envelope containing a check for a thousand pounds for the boys’ club that John and Arthur founded. There is a farewell gathering for Kumalo at Mrs. Lithebe’s house. Msimangu tells Kumalo that he has decided to renounce all of his possessions and become a monk.

Is Stephen Kumalo white?

A young white man who works at the reformatory and attempts to reform Absalom. Although he does, on one occasion, chastise Kumalo, he does so because he cares much for his pupils, and the thought of Absalom’s predicament pains him.

Is Msimangu white?

Of all the characters in the novel, Msimangu has the clearest understanding of South Africa’s injustices, and he serves as Paton’s mouthpiece in suggesting a solution: Christian love. According to Msimangu, white South Africans oppress the blacks because they fear their numbers and their power.

What does Stephen offer the pregnant girl in Cry the Beloved Country?

At the reformatory, a man tells Stephen that Absalom told them he had no family. In any case, he left a month ago – partially because he was doing very well, but also because his girlfriend was pregnant, and he wished to marry her. The man offers to give them a ride to Pimville, where they are living.

Which detail from Cry The Beloved Country shapes the theme that the racial divisions in South Africa can be mended despite how grim the situation appears?

Which detail from Cry, the Beloved Country shapes the theme that the racial divisions in South Africa can be mended, despite how grim the situation appears? After the trial, a white man breaks tradition and goes over to the black side to help Kumalo.

Why does Mrs Lithebe hide the newspaper from Kumalo?

Lithebe decide to hide the paper from Kumalo. To prevent Kumalo from hearing the news, they eat dinner at Mrs. Lithebe’s instead of at the mission. Afterward, the group goes to church and listens to a woman describe her decision to become a nun.

Did Kumalo disowned Gertrude?

Kumalo disowned Gertrude who became a prostitute and liquor seller because she brought shame to the family. Msimagu admired the changes he had noticed about John Kumalo.

What is the plot of the novel Cry the Beloved Country?

It tells the story of a father’s journey from rural South Africa to and through the city of Johannesburg in search of his son. The reader cannot help but feel deeply for the central character, a Zulu pastor, Stephen Kumalo, and the tortuous discoveries he makes in Johannesburg.

Who is Mr Carmichael in Cry the Beloved Country?

Mr. Carmichael serves as Absalom Kumalo’s attorney in Alan Paton’s ‘Cry, The Beloved Country. ‘ Though he is ultimately unsuccessful, Carmichael offers a vigorous defense of young Absalom Kumalo when he kills a white man in Johannesburg.

What God has not done for South Africa man must do?

Your brother has no use for the Church any more. He says that what God has not done for South Africa, man must do. When Kumalo tells Msimangu that John is his brother, Msimangu explains that John is no longer religious.

Who is the great bull voice?

John Kumalo’s speech reveals him as a prophet, but a corrupt prophet, one who would never sacrifice his life, nor even sacrifice a week’s or a day’s income, for a cause. His voice is like a great bull or a lion roaring in an empty chasm.

What is the message that John Kumalo the great bull voice delivers in the square?

John argues that the wealth from the new gold that has been found in South Africa should be shared with the miners. The crowd roars with John as he declares that the miners deserve higher wages and better conditions.

How does Paton describe Johannesburg?

Johannesburg is a corrupt, big city where it’s every man for himself. Let’s examine each setting from Alan Paton’s ‘Cry, the Beloved Country.

What does Kumalo learn in Cry the Beloved Country?

When he is summoned to Johannesburg by a priest to help his ailing sister, Stephen starts his journey to understanding the bigger picture. He starts to learn more about his people, the racial divide, and the obstacles created by prejudice.

What are the white hills that Kumalo sees from the train as he approaches Johannesburg quizlet?

He is so naive. What are the white hills that Kumalo sees from the train as he approaches Johannesburg? They are mines.

What are the major themes in Cry the Beloved Country?

  • The Land and the Tribe. …
  • Racism and Apartheid. …
  • The City vs. …
  • Christian Faith. …
  • Fathers, Sons, and Families. …
  • Understanding/Knowledge vs.

How does Kumalo feel about the city?

As the novel begins, Kumalo undertakes his first journey to the city of Johannesburg. He is intimidated and overwhelmed by the city, betraying his simple background. … By the time Kumalo leaves Johannesburg, he is deeply sad, but his faith is buoyed by the generosity of others.

What does brightness symbolize in Cry the Beloved Country?

Brightness. Both Arthur and his son are notable for their “brightness,” a symbol of their eager intellects and generous hearts.