What does the bean trees title mean

“Bean,” Turtle’s first word, symbolizes the promise that, like a dried-up seed that grows, a mistreated woman may thrive if given enough care. The bean trees, another name for the wisteria vine that Turtle spots in Dog Doo Park, symbolize transformation, a spot of life in the midst of barrenness.


What is the message of The Bean Trees?

Major themes in The Bean Trees include the importance of family and the need for community as emotional support systems for individuals facing hardships. Kingsolver uses her feminist beliefs, her interest in political issues, and her background in biology as vehicles to relate her thematic messages.

What does turtle call the Bean Trees?

Wisteria vines (or “bean trees,” as Turtle calls them) are ugly looking plants at first, just as Turtle started the novel in a comatose, abused state. Yet the wisteria vines are also able to grow in poor soil where no other plants thrive.

What is the significance of Esperanza's name in The Bean Trees?

She tells Esperanza she loves her name, which means both hope and wait, and that Esperanza reminds her of Turtle because both understand everything people say even though people forget they are listening.

What might the purple bean vines from China symbolize the Bean Trees?

What might the purple bean vines from China symbolize? They were once outsiders but they have adapted and settled in to a new home.

What does Newt Hardbine symbolize?

For Taylor, Newt Hardbine represents everything about life in her hometown that she is desperate to escape.

How does Bean Trees portray friendship?

Throughout The Bean Trees, there are next to no examples of frivolous or toxic friendships. Characters in this novel come together because they genuinely like and need one another, not because of social climbing, backstabbing, status-seeking, or anything else like that.

How is Esperanza's name and its multiple meanings significant?

In Spanish, esperanza means “hope.” The word does not have a dictionary definition in English. When Esperanza says her name means “waiting,” she has taken the Spanish verb esperar, which means “to wait or expect,” and superimposed it on the noun hope.

Who is Esperanza in The Bean Trees?

Esperanza. Estevan’s wife. Her grave demeanor is a reflection of her sorrowful past. Turtle’s presence touches her because Turtle reminds her of the daughter she had to leave behind.

What are Estevan and Esperanza's new names?

Taylor tells them how she, too, chose a new name when she moved to Arizona. Estevan and Esperanza’s search for home has actually been longer than it seemed. This backstory adds more poignancy to Esperanza’s name, as she chose to call herself “hope.” Taylor compares this to her own search for home.

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Why is the novel called The Bean Trees?

By Barbara Kingsolver In The Bean Trees, three-year-old Turtle gets to thinking that the seed pods on wisteria vines look an awful lot like the pods that hold beans. … The novel takes its title from Turtle’s mistake for the simple reason that wisteria vines are the novel’s most important symbol.

What is Turtle's real name in The Westing Game?

Tabitha-Ruth “Turtle” Wexler, known as “Alice” to Flora Baumbach, is a highly intelligent 13-year-old girl.

Why is Bean Trees an analogy for the female characters in the story?

In the face of gender inequality and injustice, The Bean Trees argues that women must support each other. Taylor and Lou Ann learn to lean on each other as they raise children with a better chance at equal gender relations, teaching Turtle to stands up for herself and Dwayne Ray to respect women.

What literary devices are used in the Bean Trees?

  • Allusion.
  • Coming of Age.
  • Hero.
  • Idiom.
  • Irony.
  • Metaphor.
  • Personification.
  • Proverb.

What do you think the bird that has made her nest in the cactus symbolizes?

Seeing a bird’s nest in a thorny cactus, she wonders how the bird ever “made a home in there.” The bird’s nest in the cactus symbolizes the miracle of Turtle’s survival. Somehow, Turtle made a “home” within herself and survived.

What does the night blooming cereus symbolize in The Bean Trees?

The cereus flower continues to represent hope and good fortune for Taylor.

Why does Taylor call her mother at the end of the novel?

Taylor’s calling her mother after leaving estevan and esperanza emphasizes the stabilizing role that her mother still plays in her life. Her mother is her refuge. Taylor feels proud as she tells her mother that she has adopted turtle.

How does Taylor Change in The Bean Trees?

Although never naïve, Taylor becomes even more worldly after learning about the political corruption and personal tragedy faced by Estevan and Esperanza and the abuse inflicted on Turtle. Her sympathetic reaction to the difficulties of others reveals Taylor’s tenderheartedness.

What does the Tug Fork water symbolize?

The Tug Fork water becomes associated with Lou Ann, symbolizing her connection to her family. … Baptism implies an initiation into a community, a sign that one belongs to a family of people.

What do vegetables represent in The Bean Trees?

Taylor’s fascination with seeds and vegetables represents her reenactment of the cycle of burial and new life. The dried-up seed that, once buried, becomes a living thing, symbolizes her own life experience.

Why did Taylor change her name in The Bean Trees?

In the beginning of The Bean Trees Taylor changes her name from Missy to Taylor. When she leaves Pittman there are two things she states she wants to do. … By changing her name, Taylor wanted to successfully change her destiny. This shows how much she wants to be different than everyone in Pittman.

What happened to Esperanza and Estevan daughter?

As Taylor eventually learns, Esperanza’s brother and friends were killed one night in a police raid on union members. That same night, Estevan and Esperanza’s infant daughter Ismene was abducted.

What does Esteban believe happened to Ismene?

Esperanza and Estevan chose saving their fellow union members’ lives over getting their daughter back, and they fled to the United States. Estevan says that captured children such as Ismene get adopted by families who can afford to care for them—military or government couples.

What does Estevan say in Spanish when you have a baby?

Taylor shares that Estevan told her that the Spanish phrase for giving birth literally means “to give the baby to the light.” As Lou Ann keeps looking through the newspaper, Taylor envies the ease and coolness of Lou Ann’s self-cropped hair.

What do House on Mango Street names mean?

Names are a sign of one’s identity, and Esperanza wishes to change her identity (to some degree) and move away from the house on Mango Street. … A baptism stands for a new beginning, and Esperanza hopes that by giving herself a new name, she will give herself a new identity and a new life.

Have inherited her name but I don't want to inherit her place by the window?

Esperanza. I have inherited her name, but I don’t want to inherit her place by the window. Esperanza says this of her great-grandmother and namesake, Esperanza. Her great-grandmother is the first of many women in The House on Mango Street who spend their lives looking out the window and longing for escape.

What thematic symbol is associated with Esperanza's great-grandmother?

Esperanza is named after her great-grandmother, and both she and her great-grandmother were born in the Chinese year of the horse. The horse is an animal that represents strength, and being born under this sign is supposed to be bad luck for women.

What happened to the baby in the Bean Trees?

Taylor’s car breaks down in the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. … When Taylor gets into her car to leave, the woman follows her and sets a baby down in the passenger seat, telling her to take it. She says only that the baby belongs to her dead sister and that Taylor should not go back into the bar.

What color is Cynthia's pin?

This Cynthia Erivo pin is 1 inch tall, plated in black and comes with a black rubber clasp on the back.

What does Mattie look like in The Bean Trees?

As the owner and principal employee of Jesus Is Lord Used Tires, Mattie is unlike any woman that Taylor has ever known. When Taylor first meets her, Mattie is wearing “blue jeans and cowboy boots and a red bandana on her head,” and she has “a long gypsy braid” that hangs “down the middle of her back” (3.33).

What is the book The Bean Trees about?

Kingsolver’s novel The Bean Trees (1988) concerns a woman who makes a meaningful life for herself and a young Cherokee girl with whom she moves from rural Kentucky to the Southwest. In Animal Dreams (1990) a disconnected woman finds purpose and moral challenges when she returns to live in her small Arizona hometown.