What does the juror number mean

Each juror is assigned a unique number called your “Juror Number”. This number is used to identify the person addressing the Court and also when you submit a request for excuse.

How are juror numbers selected?

Jury lists are compiled from voter registrations and driver license or ID renewals. From those lists, summonses are mailed. A panel of jurors is then assigned to a courtroom. The prospective jurors are randomly selected to sit in the jury box.

What number juror is the foreman?

12 Angry Men Juror #1, Foreman (Martin Balsam)

Why do jurors use numbers instead of names?

The judge calls jurors by their numbers, just as the author does here. The anonymity is meant to protect their ability to make impartial decisions based, presumably, on just the facts of the case. … He might have a bias towards the defendant even before learning the facts of the case.

How can I avoid being picked for jury duty?

  1. Show You Have a True Conflict of Time. …
  2. Avoid Jury Service Due to Poor Health. …
  3. Get Out of Jury Duty by Demonstrating Financial Hardship. …
  4. Best Tips for Getting Excused from a Jury.

What are the 3 stages of jury selection?

  • Step 1: Selection of a Jury.
  • Step 2: The Trial.
  • Step 3: Jury Deliberations.

What does deadlocked mean in a trial?

When there are insufficient jurors voting one way or the other to deliver either a guilty or not guilty verdict, the jury is known as a “hung jury” or it might be said that jurors are “deadlocked”. … If a verdict still cannot be delivered, at some point the judge will declare a mistrial due to the hung jury.

Do jurors know each others names?

Yes, there is a recent legislative movement to limit the disclosure of the names and addresses of jurors. … In California, juror information is actually sealed at the end of the criminal trial. It can then only be accessed if there is good cause to do so, and if the juror does not object to disclosure.

Why do the jurors in 12 Angry Men not have names?

2 Answers. A jury usually withheld names in order to remove any effects of names, castes etc into the process. Inside the jury room, the people are simply humans trying to impart justice. When two people swap names, it signifies a bond, especially if it is done after passing through an experience together.

Can jurors go public?

The judge will take your privacy into consideration when making decisions about the case. The judge must balance the requirement in the federal Constitution that guarantees people a public and speedy trial against the concerns jurors may have about privacy.

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What's the head juror called?

A head juror is called the “foreperson”, “foreman” or “presiding juror”. The foreperson may be chosen before the trial begins, or at the beginning of the jury’s deliberations. The foreperson may be selected by the judge or by vote of the jurors, depending on the jurisdiction.

What does presiding juror mean?

In most states the first order of business is to elect one of the jurors as the foreperson or presiding juror. This person’s role is to preside over discussions and votes of the jurors, and often to deliver the verdict. The bailiff’s job is to ensure that no one communicates with the jury during deliberations.

Why did juror 3 change his vote?

Juror 3 changed his vote after realizing that all of his anger toward the defendant was a direct result of his bad relationship with his son. Due to his change of vote from guilty to not guilty, Juror 3 shows growth in character and is therefore considered dynamic.

Do you have to attend jury duty?

The straightforward answer to this question is no; jury service is not optional. … The Jury Central Summoning Bureau must be advised why you are unable to attend. The only time you can be entirely excused from jury duty is if you have served on a jury before within the previous two years.

What happens if I miss jury duty?

Yes, most jurors who miss jury duty will just receive a second summons. … However, some courts will issue a fine after just one missed jury duty date. If a fine is issued, jurors may have to pay it or excuse their initial absence to resolve the situation.

What is it like being on a jury?

Jurors typically spend long periods of time in the assembly room, which is often well-stocked with things like magazines and puzzles. Bring a good book or something else to keep yourself occupied during all the down time. At some point, you’ll get called into a courtroom with a group of other potential jurors.

Is a mistrial good or bad?

A mistrial may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you decide to look at things. Mistrials can occur in several ways, including prosecutorial misconduct and anything that might unfairly prejudice a jury, like walking the defendant into the courtroom in handcuffs.

Is a mistrial a win?

A mistrial is a trial essentially deemed invalid due to an error in the proceedings or because the jury could not reach a consensus regarding the verdict. In order to convict or acquit a criminal defendant, federal criminal procedures demand a unanimous decision.

Does a hung jury mean acquittal?

For a conviction or an acquittal, all the jurors have to agree that the defendant was guilty or not guilty. A hung jury means one or more jurors did not agree on the verdict.

What percentage of defendants are found guilty?

About 90 percent of the federal defendants and 75 percent of the defendants in the most populous counties were found guilty — regardless of whether their attorneys were private or public defenders.

What questions do they ask when selecting a jury?

  • Have you or any member of your family, or a close friend, ever made a claim for personal injuries? …
  • Have you or any member of your family, or a close friend, ever been a party in a legal proceeding? …
  • Do you believe there are too many lawsuits?

Why do jurors get dismissed?

If the attorney asks the court to dismiss a prospective juror “for cause”, it means that the individual has expressed a bias and is not suitable to decide the case (for example, the juror may have stated that… based on religious reasons…she can’t pass judgment on the defendant).

Why is it titled 12 Angry Men?

But the title screams “Conflict!” and tells the audience that there are at least twelve personalities who could affect the outcome of the plot. Chances are that screenplay writer Reginald Rose chose the title because it suggests action and suspense. At least that’s how this old movie poster tries to spin it.

Why did Juror 8 probably assume juror 5 had seen knife fights in movies?

Why did juror 8 probably assume juror 5 had seen knife fights in movies? Because juror 8 has probably only seen knife fights in movies. … Juror Eight explains that the people don’t have to prove the defendant didn’t commit the crime, but instead they have to prove the defendant did do the crime.

What is the significance of the 8th and 9th jurors giving their names at the end of the play?

The only remaining “guilty” vote is Juror 3. He admits that the trial has made him think of his own estranged son and that he “can feel the knife going in.” Juror 8 reminds Juror 3 that the accused is “not your boy.” Finally, Juror 3 changes his vote to “not guilty.”

Do jurors get to remain anonymous?

In all court cases, juror information is presumed public unless the government can make a case otherwise. Typically, judges keep jurors anonymous if they might be subject to physical harm, intimidation or undue media attention.

Can jurors socialize?

While you are in the virtual jury room, you are welcome to socialize with the other jurors. However, as I will explain to you in more detail, you may not discuss the facts or the law in this case until you are sent to deliberate on a verdict.

Will juror names come out?

Jurors names are not always released to the public, but they often are. Prosecutors had asked Judge Cahill to reject a request by a coalition of media outlets to unseal the names of the jurors. … They can make them public, but not for some time. In some cases, she said, jurors might assume their names won’t be public.

Who picks the jury?

Lawyers and judges select juries by a process known as “voir dire,” which is Latin for “to speak the truth.” In voir dire, the judge and attorneys for both sides ask potential jurors questions to determine if they are competent and suitable to serve in the case.

Is jury a judge?

Jury vs Judge The difference between jury and judge is that a jury is a group of people, whereas a judge is an individual. The jury is selected by the court, and the judge is appointed by the government. … The jury can collect the evidence and submit to the judge, but the judge can give the judgment.

What is the oldest age for jury duty?

Each of the federal district courts has its own rules about jury service. Many federal courts offer excuses from service, on individual request, to designated groups, including people over age 70.