What happened to Armando Montelongo

He is the founder of “Armando Montelongo Companies”, which presents real estate investment seminars. In 2012, Montelongo established his company headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Montelongo continues investing in real estate while operating his seminar company.

Where is Armando Montelongo today?

Montelongo lives in San Antonio.

Did Armando and Veronica get divorced?

Armando filed for divorce in June 2011 after almost 14 years of marriage. … In her August court filing, Veronica wanted her former beau locked up in Bexar County Jail if he failed to comply with a court order enforcing the divorce agreement. She also wanted him to pay $1,000 a day until he complied.

What happened David Montelongo?

David and Melina Montelongo left after two seasons — with a brotherly rift that appeared to begin during an episode that became known as “the cat house.” … David and Melina Montelongo left the show after that episode.

What company does Armando own in Undercover Boss?

Watch as he tries to conceal his identity as an electrician, a call center agent and more. CEO of Armando Montelongo Companies, Armando Montelongo himself, deals with everyday life of his employees at work and as an undercover boss.

How much is Armando worth?

Net Worth:$50 MillionDate of Birth:1970Gender:MaleProfession:Film Producer, Real estate entrepreneur, Public speakerNationality:United States of America

Why was Flip This House Cancelled?

A&E announced that it was pulling Leccima’s Flip This House episodes off its broadcast schedule and denied any knowledge or part in the frauds shown on their airways. From A&E’s Claim to Not Know Anything About All of the Fraud on the A&E web site on July 1, 2007: “We are dismayed to learn of these allegations.

Are David and Melina Montelongo still married?

The former couple, who gained fame in 2006 on the A&E show “Flip This House,” divorced in April 2012 in San Antonio, but the details of their separation agreement have remained confidential until a recent spat over missed alimony payments this summer landed the two back in court last month.

Where was Armando 90 day fiance born?

Armando Rubio was born on August 28, 1989, as indicated by famousbirthday.com. His age is 31 years starting at 2020. His origin is in Mexico.

What happened to flip this house?

David and Melina Montelongo, former co-stars of the A&E show “Flip This House,” claim they can’t pay back their debts. Last week, the couple filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation in San Antonio. They have about $31,000 in assets and owe creditors roughly $600,000, says their bankruptcy attorney, J. Todd Malaise.

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What happened Armando's wife?

When Armando was driving back to his house, his ex-wife hit his car from behind. He told 90 Day Fiancé viewers, “I was shocked when I was suddenly struck from behind and then was hit again.” Before he understood what was happening, his ex-wife’s car flipped, and she died on the spot.

Is Undercover Boss Fake?

Undercover Boss is as “real “ as any scripted drama or comedy. The only difference is that all but one of the reality show’s cast is paid much lower wages.

What was the first house flipping show?

One of the first popular shows about house flipping, Flip This House, debuted on A&E Network in 2005. HGTV quickly got in on the fun with Flipping Virgins, Flip or Flop and more.

What happened to Nashville Flip or Flop?

Unconfirmed. HGTV has not yet confirmed or denied whether Flip or Flop Nashville has been cancelled. Given the success of the first two series, it would make sense for the network to bring back the Nashville series for a third instalment.

Is Flip or Flop Cancelled for 2020?

Bring on the fixer-uppers — Flip or Flop isn’t going anywhere. HGTV announced this morning that their hit home improvement show has been renewed for Season 10. Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead are set to return for 15 more brand-new episodes, scheduled to premiere in late 2021.

Are they still making new episodes of Flip or Flop?

Flip or Flop Through The Years Over 24 million viewers tuned into season nine, which delivered 10 new episodes to fans on Thursday nights between October 2020 and January 2021. These five additional episodes will round the season off with a grand tally of 15 episodes.

What does Kenneth Niedermeier do for work?

He previously said he was an architect and entrepreneur in his Instagram bio. His store is called The Pet Resort & Spa, where he has done boarding, grooming, and daycare for the last five years with his sister. Armando’s family business is his main income, but he also does graphic designing.

What is Kenny and Armando net worth?

According to Life & Style, the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way cast member who has the highest net worth is Kenneth Niedermeier. Niedermeier — who made history alongside his now-husband, Armando Rubio, when they became the first gay male couple to appear on the franchise — has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Is Armando Rubio Mexican?

NameArmando RubioGenderMaleNationalityMexicanEthnicityWhiteProfessionArchitect

Where does Scott Yancey live?

Now working independently of Plumb, Yancey began developing department stores in Las Vegas, Provo, Utah, and Tempe, Arizona. After selling his department stores and choosing to return to his real estate roots, Yancey relocated to Las Vegas in 1994.

Where is Scott Yancey now?

Yancey, is currently headquartered in Las Vegas, NV; GOLIATH is a principal in numerous Real Estate partnerships and companies. GOLIATH LAND AND DEVELOPMENT can essentially be broken down to many moving parts within the following categories.

How did Scott Yancey make his money?

Scott began his career at 14 Real estate guru Scott Yancey is the founder of the Goliath Company and has been in the business from a very young age. … From there, he expanded his business and used his money to gobble up property and flip hundreds of houses, becoming a multi-millionaire in the process.

Is CT homes still in business?

Merrill started his first real estate investment company, CT Homes, LLC in 2004 in New Haven, CT. Since then, the company has acquired and redeveloped hundreds of single family, multi-family, and commercial properties around the country. CT Homes, LLC is now headquartered in San Diego, CA.

How did Kenny from 90 day fiance have kids?

Although Kenny and his friend faked being a married couple to have kids, he opted for IVF to start his family. … Kenny’s four children were born via IVF and raised by him. At the time of 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way season 2, Kenny lived with Madison and Cooper. But the rest of his children had moved out.

Did Armando's dad go to the wedding?

Despite Armando’s persistent efforts, his father refused to accept the invite. He told his son that he would always support him, but he was not ready to come to the wedding. It was devastating for Armando to hear that his father had decided not to be a part of his special day.

Did Armando's father go to his wedding?

However, Armando Sr. had major reservations about the wedding and initially didn’t even want to go. Armando explained how important it was to him for all his family to be at the wedding, and still his father balked at the idea of being there for his son’s big day.