What happened to Kaplan in blacklist

Kaplan’s death. Reddington reveals that he went after the list because Mr. Kaplan’s sister is on it and he wanted to protect her. One of Reddington’s main accountants turns up dead and Reddington suspects that someone is attacking his organization.

What happens to Mr Kaplan in Season 5?

Kaplan’s death, Reddington’s criminal empire is in ruins and he has set up his new base of operations in a budget hotel. He enlists newly discovered daughter Liz Keen to help him rebuild his empire, claiming that he can only be of use to the FBI if he’s in a position of power and influence.

How does Mr Kaplan escape her captor?

In the grand new tradition of season 4, the midseason finale is interspersed with Mr. Kaplan dealing with her captor/savior: refusing to tell him about Red… tucking a fork away… putting said fork to his neck when he finally unchains her.

Does Mr Kaplan seek revenge?

Though it initially appeared that Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) had betrayed Red (James Spader), it was actually Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert) who sought revenge on her former employer. … Eventually, Mr. Kaplan’s girlfriend — of whom she bears her name — was killed by a man looking for her employer, leaving Kaplan listless.

Who kills Mr Kaplan?

Dembe, worried about Reddington’s actions, seeks out Liz hoping she can reach him. He reveals that Reddington killed Mr. Kaplan.

What does Mr Kaplan do to red?

So, when Red became the danger in Liz’s life, Mr. Kaplan did what she felt best — went behind Red’s back to fake Liz’s death. In true Red fashion, he killed Mr. … When Red’s money went missing and his associates ended up dead, it became clear that Mr.

Did Kaplan poison Red?

Dembe and Aram (Amir Arison) teamed up to find the real culprit. All of this culminated into Reddington’s discovery that Mr. Kaplan didn’t actually die when Reddington shot her. Out for revenge, she poisoned Red and used Dembe as a patsy.

What did Red do to Katarina?

Tatiana was searching for the real Katarina after learning from Liz’s investigation that Reddington knew where she was so that she could stop hiding from Neville Townsend. After the truth was tortured out of Dom, Reddington killed the fake Katarina in order to keep that information from getting back to Townsend.

What is in Mr Kaplan's suitcase?

The bag contains the real Raymond Reddington and “red”, the one we know, is Katerina Rostova. That is the only solution that would satisfied the dna results of Keen and “Red” positive match rather than fake database or bad results from the dna that Keen got from “red”.

Do they get Agnes back?

In last night’s Blacklist, Liz told Red that she had made the big decision to finally bring Agnes home. That’s a sign she finally trusts Agnes’ safety around Red. Even without not knowing all of the details surrounding his true identity.

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Is Alexander Kirk really Liz's father?

After teasing it out for years, The Blacklist revealed Reddington actually is Liz’s father – but the real Reddington is dead, and the man she knows is an imposter who took his place decades ago. Liz shot the real Red as a very young child when he was attacking her mother Katarina Rostov, and he died of his wounds.

Who is Nikos in blacklist?

The Blacklist (TV Series 2013– ) – Jack Topalian as Little Nikos – IMDb.

Does Elizabeth Keen come back?

Liz’s been known to fake her own death before, and fans were certain we would be privy to her return plan when the new season began. … She died at the hands of Vandyke (Lukas Hassel), having been shot in the back, and she’s not coming back.

Does Reddington find out Liz betrayed him?

Let’s unpack the big developments from “The Brockton College Killer” and “Rassvet”: LIZ’S SECRET REVEALED | In the 8 pm hour, after significant urging from Dembe, Liz finally comes clean to Red that she turned him over to the police earlier this season.

What happened to Tom Keen in season 4?

During Wednesday’s midseason finale, star Ryan Eggold’s Tom Keen was shockingly killed off the NBC procedural. And unlike other “deaths” during the drama from creator/showrunner Jon Bokenkamp and executive producer John Eisendrath, this one will stick. … Eggold’s Tom Keen was the husband of Boone’s Elizabeth Keen.

Who is Reddington's new bodyguard?

Dembe Zuma is a main character in The Blacklist. He is Raymond Reddington’s sworn bodyguard and one of his closest friends, having been rescued by Red from human trafficking as a child.

Who is number 1 on the blacklist?

Number on The BlacklistNameNumber RevealedNumber 1Elizabeth Keen“Elizabeth Keen”Number 2TBA“TBA”Number 3Tatiana Petrova“Katarina Rostova” ”Katarina Rostova: Conclusion“Number 4Kathryn Nemec“Mr. Kaplan” “Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion”

Who shot Dembe?

Meanwhile, Dembe successfully escapes, but is betrayed and shot by Mr. Vargas when he learns how to locate Reddington.

What happened to Agnes on blacklist?

Agnes is the daughter of Tom and Liz Keen. Liz gives birth and fakes her death shortly after to protect Agnes. After Tom is killed in The Blacklist Season 5, Liz leaves Agnes in the care of Susan Scott Hargrave. … Following Liz’s death, Agnes is taken in by Cooper and his wife.

What Raymond did to Katarina?

Eventually, Raymond realized Katarina was spying on him while he was also spying on her. Things took a dark turn on the night of the infamous, yet mysterious fire, during which a very young Liz shot and killed her father, who was in a fight with Katarina, as she had come to take Liz.

Who did Elizabeth Keen shoot as a child?

Liz, when she was 4 years old, is said to have shot her father while he was attacking her mother. A fire had erupted during the shooting, and Red ended up dying from his wounds later.

What is the big secret on blacklist?

It’s revealed that Katarina Rostova (Lotte Verbeek) was also a spy who had an affair with the real Raymond Reddington (asked by Dom and the KGB) to gather intelligence. Through the affair, she became pregnant with Liz, allowing her husband Constantine Rostov to believe he’s Liz’s — Masha — father.

Whose bones are in the bag in blacklist?

We’ve known for a year that the duffel bag contains human bones, but the identity of the poor skeleton inside it has been kept a secret — just the way Red wanted. But on Wednesday’s Season 5 ender, we finally learned to whom those bones belong: Raymond Reddington.

Why is Kate called Mr Kaplan?

A: It is a reference to a Cary Grant movie, “North by Northwest”, in which the character’s name is George Kaplan. A: It could be an alias. Anyone expecting a Mr. Kaplan, as Liz did, would probably overlook a woman in her mid fifties.

Is Raymond Reddington really Liz's mother?

Though the origin of Red’s connection to Liz isn’t fully explained by the end of Wednesday’s Season 8 finale, the hints laid out across the last two episodes of the season strongly suggest that Raymond Reddington is actually Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova (played in flashbacks by Lotte Verbeek).

What did Dom tell Katarina?

“That woman,” Dom croaks. “You abducted me for her?” … Seeing the face of his daughter from when she was a young woman, Dom says, “You’re here… He gave me back to you, I thought I lost you forever.” Dom tells Katarina that he knows what she’s planning, and that she thinks it’s her only way out of danger.

Does Liz get Agnes back from Scottie?

After Tom died, Agnes went to live with his mother Scottie Hargrave for her safety. Then at some point, she’s back with Liz Keen (Megan Boone) but there’s no mention of why she’s out of danger. At the end of season 8, Liz counted on Mrs.

Why does Liz leave Agnes?

Liz’s own plan for her and Agnes is to leave for Europe and disappear. She rejects Red’s idea for her to replace him which involves her executing him to show anyone that she is “a force to be reckoned with.”

In what episode do they find Agnes?

The Blacklist season 9 episode 3: The Agnes, Reddington reunion.

Who is Kirk to Elizabeth Keen?

In “Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion”, while Red is being held captive and threatened by Alexander Kirk, Red admits that he is in fact Elizabeth Keen’s father. As Kirk goes to kill him, Red whispers something to Kirk that changes his mind and the two men disappear by the time the FBI arrives.

Who is Liz's real father blacklist?

The real Raymond Reddington was Liz’s father and was killed by his daughter’s hand as a child when she shot him. Katarina went into hiding at this point and Liz was sent off to live with her adoptive father, Sam.