What is the Performance Series test

Performance Series is a web-based, computer-adaptive test that is used for instructional purposes and for monitoring each student’s academic growth over time. … Each year students in grades 2-8 take the reading and math portions of the test. These tests are administered three times per year.

How many questions is the Performance Series test?

The test is online and computer-adaptive, so each child receives a unique test and the number of items may vary. There is no set number of questions. The average number of questions in a testing session is about 50.

What is the Scantron test?

Scantron is a type of standardized testing methodology that uses Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), whereby light coming from a scanner recognizes where dark marks were made on a sheet of paper. Students are provided with a sheet of paper with four or five bubbles per question.

What is the Scantron Performance Series?

Performance Series is a research-based, criterion-referenced computer-adaptive test that lets K-12 educators quickly pinpoint the instructional level of students across a range of subjects, capture immediate results, and produce standards-based reports including suggested learning objectives, on a scaled score.

What is Performance Series Express?

Short-form, computer-adaptive diagnostic assessment Performance Series Express provides a shorter, 25-question version of Scantron’s popular Performance Series computer-adaptive diagnostic assessment.

How do you read a Scantron score?

A score of “0” to plus or minus “1″ reveals the appropriateness of an individual exam question, where “+1” indicates a question that was repeatedly answered correctly by high performers and answered incorrectly by lower performers.

How many questions are on the Scantron test?

Test Scoring Scores 200-question objective tests (multiple choice, true/false, matching).

How do you scan Scantrons?

Load the scantron sheets on the scanner and click Start Scanning on the Scanning Tab. Once the scantron sheets are scanned, click Stop Scanning. Each time you stop scanning you are creating a new batch file. These files are stored locally on the computer and will auto increment until they are finally uploaded.

Does putting ChapStick on a Scantron work?

Does the ChapStick on Scantron trick work? No, putting ChapStick or any other type of lip balm on your Scantron won’t help your score. It’ll only make your Scantron greasy. It’s one of those rumors that just won’t seem to go away.

What is the highest score you can get on Scantron?

Scaled score values in Performance Series typically range from 1300 to 3700 (for the High School Algebra and Geometry tests, values range from 5000 to 6000).

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What is the highest score on performance series?

In Performance Series, scores are reported as Scaled Scores with values ranging from 1300 to 3700. This range of scores allows a child’s progress to be monitored from 2nd through 8th grade.

How long does it take to grade a Scantron test?

If you arrive properly prepared, you can score 350 Scantrons in under 30 minutes.

What is the question limit for tests scored using test scoring services?

Standard Scoring and Analysis: Our standard system can handle tests with up to 200 items when there are no more than five responses per question or tests with up to 120 items when there are a maximum of 10 responses per question. Each question must have a single correct answer.

How accurate are Scantron machines?

The Scantron 888P+ model can grade as many as 40 tests per minute with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Scantron forms contain an infrared light-reflecting ink. … When a bubble is marked, the light is not reflected and the machine notes a test answer was selected.

How does a Scantron machine work?

The Scantron shines a light through the paper. Where the circle or square has been darkened the light bounces back. The machine is set so that it “knows” right answers from wrong answers according to the light signals bouncing back.

What does roster number mean on a Scantron?

Number Correct/ Percent Correct/Roster Number (at bottom): This area indicates the number of correct answers of the total, the percentage that it represents, and where the location of the test sheet is within the pile.

What is the most common answer on multiple choice tests?

In multiple-choice questions, first, B and E are the most likely answers in 4- and 5-option questions, respectively and, second, same answer is least likely to be repeated in the next question.

Can you use pen on scantron?

Modern scantron systems are quite high-tech, using image sensors and sophisticated image processing algorithms. … As such, you can use pens, pencils, and even printer toner or ink, if you want to run your scantron through a printer to mark all your answers.

Can Scantrons make mistakes?

Skipping questions while using a scantron can and will break you. … Though some scantron issues are human error, the machine itself isn’t exactly state of the art. The actual scantron machine has a tendency to mark correct answers as wrong.

Are Scantrons still used?

He said most teachers have generally stopped using scantrons, but are starting to turn to a new method of test assessment. “Most of the teachers don’t use scantron machines anymore. A lot of them are using Mastery Manager now and are using that system vs. scantrons,” Shaughnessy said.

How much do Scantrons cost?

These scantrons worked for my tests and exams. These are not by scantron but they are scantron compatible so you shouldn’t worry. They are also 10 cents each, which is cheaper compared to 35 cents each at school. If you do the math, 100 sheets bought at school will cost you $35 compared to $10 here on Amazon.

When did Scantrons start?

Though OMR tech — like the above punch card was around for years — Scantron was invented in 1972 by engineer Michael Sokolski, Mental Floss reports. K–12 schools and higher ed institutions immediately took note.

Can you have multiple answers on a Scantron?

When there are multiple answers marked per any question on the key, please indicate whether EITHER answer is correct, or ALL answers need to be marked to score the question correct. A blank on a student exam will count as an incorrect answer.

How do students cheat on exams?

Methods students use to cheat can range from low-tech solutions such as copying from a neighbor’s test to more high-tech methods involving innovative uses of available technologies. … As new technologies become available (e.g. smartwatches) so do the potential tools students can manipulate to their advantage.

Can you cheat on Akindi?

This option is great for quizzes, tests, and exams that are time consuming to recreate online such as those with music notes, math formulas, etc. … NOTE: Akindi does not offer all of the anti-cheating features available in OAKS.

How much money does Scantron make?

How much money does Scantron make? Scantron generates $130.0M in revenue.

Is Scantron a brand?

Scantron Corporation is an American company based in Eagan, Minnesota. Scantron provides products and services for assessments and surveys worldwide. Scantron deals with forms printing and scanner manufacturing.

What is a good West B score?

In order to pass the WEST-B, test-takers must receive a score of 240 or more on each of the mathematics, reading and writing subtests. Test-takers receive a scaled score for each subtest. The lowest possible score that a person can receive on a subtest is 100, and 300 is the highest possible score.

What percentage do you need to pass the NES test?

NES Passing Scores The national performance standard for NES exams is a score of 220.

What score do I need to pass the NES?

Teacher candidates should confirm the test’s passing score through the applicable teacher certification agency in the relevant state.

What color Scantrons must be used if using test scoring services?

Basic input for the Test Scoring System is a specially designed orange Scantron answer sheet which can be processed by a reflective read Optical Mark Recognition Scanner. The form has blocks for entering the student’s Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, and Identification Number.