What is the significance of the main characters name in a worn path

“A Worn Path,” one of her best-known stories, depicts an elderly African-American woman walking into town to get her grandson’s medicine. The woman’s name is Phoenix, alluding to the mythological bird said to rise from its own ashes.


Why is Phoenix an appropriate name for the protagonist in A Worn Path?

“Phoenix” is an appropriate name because she rises out of the ditch, despite the unlikelihood of her survival, just like the mythical phoenix that rose from the ashes after death.

Who is the protagonist of the story A Worn Path?

Old Phoenix Jackson is the protagonist of the story.

What is the significance of the old woman being named Phoenix quizlet?

Why is the main character’s name Phoenix Jackson? *Her name suggests her timelessness and her spirit can never be suppressed even by those who try their hardest to break her spirit.

What does Phoenix Jackson symbolize?

There is no question that Welty knew what she was doing when she chose to name the main character of “A Worn Path” Phoenix Jackson. A Phoenix is a mythological creature that lives for five centuries before burning to ashes. … Finally, the phoenix was also seen as a symbol for Christ, who was also resurrected.

What is the purpose of Phoenix's journey?

Before Welty reveals the purpose of Phoenix’s long, eventful journey, she wants us to discover just what kind of person this remarkable old lady is. Withholding that purpose allows the reader to concentrate on Phoenix as a character.

What is the significance of Phoenix's encounter with the Scarecrow?

At first, Phoenix misidentifies the scarecrow as a black man or a dancing ghost. Both initial reactions reflect a longstanding and very local history of violence against black people, particularly black males.

What are some of Phoenix Jackson's distinguishing features?

  • What are some of Phoenix Jackson’s distinguishing features? p. 849.
  • Her eyes, her wrinkles, the golden color of her kin, her burning cheeks, and her black hair.

How is Phoenix's use of her benefit heroic?

What heroic trait does Phoenix display in her encounter with the “ghost”? … How is Phoenix’s use of her benefit heroic? she selflessly plans to use the money to buy her grandson a gift. Which of Phoenix’s character traits come most into play in her interaction with the hunter?

Why does Phoenix Ask the older lady to tie her shoe?

Why does Phoenix ask a woman to tie her shoelaces? She doesn’t want to trip on her laces. She is testing the woman to see if she is kind. She needs to pause and catch her breath.

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Who is the antagonist in the story A Worn Path?

These antagonist forces are: nature, poverty and old age. Nature puts many obstacles in Phoenix’s way as she walks to the town. Not long after she begins her journey, her path goes up a hill, considering she is old, this makes her journey a little harder.

Is Phoenix Jackson the protagonist?

Phoenix Jackson is Eudora Welty’s main character and protagonist in A Worn Path.? Phoenix is an old, frail woman who attempts to proceed on a long and treacherous journey through the woods to Natchez.

What is the main conflict of A Worn Path?

The main conflict in “A Worn Path” is of man vs. nature. Phoenix Jackson must travel this worn path, a path not necessarily fit for an old woman to be traveling.

What does the grandson represent in A Worn Path?

For Phoenix, her grandson represents the future of her family, and perhaps, for black people in general. Though we never get to see him, we do know that he suffers greatly after having swallowed lye a few years earlier as a young boy.

What does Natchez represent in A Worn Path?

The town of Natchez Trace was an overland trail between Nashville, Tennessee, and Natchez, Mississippi. In the early 1800s, it was a “worn path”, which promoted progress for the African American slaves. Her journey was along a “worn path,” this means that she had walked this trip many times.

Who pulls Phoenix out of the ditch?

The hunter is a young white man, which means in physical attributes at least, he is the total opposite of Phoenix, an old black woman. Phoenix meets the hunter when he helps her up from a ditch after she’s knocked down by a wayward dog.

What does the windmill symbolize in A Worn Path?

The paper windmill symbolizes how enjoy and happiness can overcome any obstacle in life that Jackson has to overcome. In spite of a extended journey for Jackson, the happiness that it would in the end give for her grandson created A Worn Path worth traveling.

How is symbolism used in A Worn Path?

They are often symbols for death, decay, and destruction, though they can sometimes also be used to symbolize regeneration. Death always hangs in the background of “A Worn Path.” Phoenix’s grandson is very ill, and Phoenix herself is so old that death may come for her soon as well.

What does the dress symbolize in A Worn Path?

The dress represents Phoenix’s possessions. She is very careful not to ripe it because she doesn’t have many things. She cannot afford to get a new dress of new things that are essential. It can also represent the time when she was a slave and kept in one place.

Is the boy dead in A Worn Path?

Phoenix’s belief that he is still alive could be the result of old age and losing her memory, making it hard to remember and easier to move on with life and feel she has a purpose. In conclusion, Eudora Welty hides clues throughout the story to inform you that Phoenix Jackson’s grandson is unfortunately dead.

What is the ghost that Phoenix sees?

The ghost Phoenix passes in “A Worn Path” is a scarecrow. Even though her seeing a ghost is just her imagination, she believes it may be the ghost of a boy offering her a piece of cake.

What is the first real obstacle that Phoenix encounters?

The first obstacle that displays Phoenix’s determination to succeed, was when she came to a hill during her quest to town. Phoenix said, “Seem like there is chains about my feet, time I get this far” (Welty 464). This was the first occurrence were Eudora shows the strong desire that Phoenix has to persevere.…

Why does the major become so upset when the narrator says he hopes to be married?

Why does the major become so upset when the narrator says he hopes to be married? The major’s wife has just died.

How would you characterize Phoenix Jackson in A Worn Path?

Phoenix, an aged and frail but also fierce woman (she was born into slavery in the pre-Civil-War South, though the story takes place in 1940), will not allow anything in her path to stop her from getting to her end goal, which is to retrieve medicine in town for her grandson.

How would you describe Phoenix Jackson in A Worn Path?

Phoenix is our main character and heroine, though she doesn’t fit the usual description. She’s a small, old, African American woman who walks around with an apron made of sugar sacks, a cane made from an umbrella, and shoe laces dragging. But don’t be fooled.

How can the main theme of A Worn Path best be described?

The main themes in “A Worn Path” are racism and duty versus love. … Duty versus love: Phoenix’s love for her grandson compels her to make the arduous journey into town in order to get his medicine.

When the nurse in A Worn Path says that Phoenix grandson is an obstinate case she means that?

The nurse and Phoenix take starkly different approaches to the grandson’s condition. The nurse is clinical and pragmatic, pointing out that the “throat never heals” (88) and that it is an “obstinate case” (90), meaning a stubborn one beyond hope.

What does the hunter symbolize in A Worn Path?

The hunter appears relatively briefly in the story, but he unforgettably exemplifies the racial politics that Phoenix has to deal with in her day-to-day life. The casualness of his action speaks to how little he actually cares for her as a human, and expresses his sense of racial superiority. …

What inner quality does Phoenix display when she crosses the hollow log?

In “A Worn Path,” it is at the log over the creek where Phoenix Jackson displays her tremendous skill, balance, and fortitude. Despite her frailty and her blindness, Phoenix closes her eyes, lifts her skirt, and marches determinedly to safety on the other side.

What is the rising action of a worn path?

Rising action: She falls in a ditch and doesnt get out until a hunter comes along. Climax: She finally makes it to the city. Falling action: She forgets why she came so far. Resolution: She gets her grandsons medicine.

How does the Red Rag support the allusion of Phoenix's name?

The “red rag” that Phoenix Jackson, the protagonist , ties around her hair is symbolic of her inner fire and strength and perseverance. Red is commonly associated with very strong emotions, and Phoenix certainly has strength to spare. Further, the mythical phoenix lives again and again, growing old…