Where do you get the snake key in Resident Evil 7

The snake key location is in the dissection room in the processing area. Obtain the snake key to gain access to the re and blue key card location. The snake key also works for a door downstairs in the Dissection room. In Resident Evil 7, the Snake key location is the hardest location to find out of all 3 keys.

Where's the key to the dissection room?

The Dissection Room Key is located in the Incinerator Room in the Processing Area. It is in Travis’ chamber (along with a Molded) which can only be opened by first opening the one with the bloody handprint and Tamara’s as explained by the Incinerator Room Memo.

Where do you get the snake key?

Location: The Snake Key can only be found after Lucas calls you to play a game, and asks you to journey to the Dissection Room, where you must find it inside the dead deputy.

Where is the workshop key in Resident Evil 7?

Location: The Red Keycard can be found down in the basement Workshop in the Processing Area. Since the door is locked, it can only be entered from the Master Bedroom (using the Snake Key) and solving the clock puzzle to move the bed aside to reveal a passage.

How do I get into the workshop in Resident Evil 7?

Ethan needs to get the key card to open the party area or testing area room to find Lucas to get the ingredients. In the first snake room, set the clock like the other clocks to activate the secret passage under the bed. This will lead Ethan to the workshop, and allow Ethan to open the workshop door.

How do you get the blue key card in Resident Evil 7?

Location: The Blue Keycard is found in the Attic of the Main House, which can be accessed via the Kid’s Room, and solving the shadow puzzle in the attic to reveal the keycard.

What is the password for Lucas Resident Evil 7?

Check the file that’s stuck to it to find out Lucas’ password, 1408. And there you have it, that’s the password you need to open the door and gain access to the Happy Birthday VHS Tape.

Where is the scorpion key in Resident Evil 7?

Location. The Scorpion Key is located in the Processing Area, shoved inside a corpse on the table. On Madhouse difficulty, the Scorpion Key is locked in the bird cage located in the Main Hall and can be acquired at the cost of 3 Antique Coins.

Where is the deputy's body in Resident Evil 7?

Well, there’s no avoiding it, so you’ll have to follow Lucas’ instructions. Your goal is the dissection room where the (rest of the) deputy’s body is. Head into the safe room in near the entrance to the basement for a final save and inventory sort.

What do you do after you get the shotgun in Resident Evil 7?

Pick up the shotgun, which will trigger the pressure plate and lock the door behind you. Replace it with the broken shotgun to open the door back up. Now you’ve got a shotgun! Run back to the safe room to save and clean up your inventory one more time.

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How do I get into workshop?

Launch Steam, open your Library, and select a game that supports Steam Workshop. Scroll down to the Workshop section and select Browse the Workshop. If you don’t see a Browse the Workshop button, that means the game doesn’t support the Steam Workshop, and you’ll have to try a different game.

What is the toy AXE for in Resident Evil 7?

Purpose. The Toy Axe is used to solve the shadow puzzle in the Yard where the Main House meets the Testing Area, which rewards the player with a Stabilizer.

Do I cure MIA or Zoe?

Resident Evil 7 doesn’t have much of a choice system. The major decision to be made in the game is whether to cure Mia or Zoe. … If you give the serum to Mia, Zoe will simply disappear for the rest of the game and Mia will live until the end of the game.

How do I get Lucas serum?

Get the Serum Ingredient from Lucas. As you leave, two legless Molded will crawl up the stairs on the left, while another will come out of the wall on the right. You can either fight or try to run past them depending on your ammo count, and make for the Snake Door to get back up.

What is the code for Happy Birthday Resident Evil 7?

Insert the password ‘Loser’, and inside grab the Valve Handle from the wall. Take this to the valve opposite the birthday cake to stop the shower from splashing you with water whenever you walk through. Finally, light the candle from the hob in the kitchen and successfully take it to the cake. Enjoy the ending!

How do you solve the birthday puzzle in Resident Evil 7?

Go to the door near the bank of TV monitors and use your candle to burn the rope holding it shut. Go through the door and search near the cabinet for a Balloon. Use the Balloon on the pipe on the wall with the reaper painted on it. The Balloon will pop, and you will receive the Quill Pen.

Where is the D series arm?

Location. The D-Series Arm is attached to a naturally mummified child – specifically a D-Type – hidden in a secret compartment of the Detention Room.

How do you open Travis in Resident Evil 7?

Location: This key is located in the Incinerator room, inside the door marked “Travis”, and guarded by a Molded. To open it, you must also open the door marked with the red handprint, and the door at the far right that doesn’t have a name (it’s inside, with the name Tamara).

Where is the key to grandma's room in Resident Evil 7?

Once you have the scorpion key, you can unlock grandma’s room. It’s on the upper level of the main house, in the far left corner facing away from the dual staircases. Use the scorpion key to get into grandma’s room.

Where's the 3rd dog head in Resident Evil?

The third and final dog head is by far the hardest one to collect. It’s located in the Morgue at the end of the Processing Area, sometimes referred to as the basement, and you must solve the following two puzzles to reach this area: Projector room / bird shape puzzle. Dissection Room Key / Incinerator Room Puzzle.

How do you beat Mia with a chainsaw?

This time, Mia is brandishing a chainsaw, so keep your distance as you shoot her. Try for head shots, but just make sure you get as much damage in as possible. After 10-15 shots, she collapses. Attempt to leave and you’ll trigger a cutscene that will lead you to the Main House.

Is the broken shotgun better re7?

Later in the game it’s possible to repair the Broken Shotgun and turn it into the M21 Shotgun, which is a superior model with better damage output, albeit one with less ammo. All the same, it’s well worth getting as soon as you can.

What workshop uses Bannerlord?

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How do you download workshop items?

  1. To open the workshop, you can go to the main menu and click this button: Or, you can also use Steam to navigate to the workshop.
  2. Download items by subscribing to them: …
  3. Steam will automatically download all subscribed items in the background.
  4. In-game, go to Options > Skin.
  5. Click on “Workshop …”

How do you download workshop maps?

  1. Head over to Rocket League’s Steam Workshop and find a map you want to download.
  2. Once on the map’s page, copy its URL and paste it into Steam Workshop Downloader. …
  3. Download the map and place it into an empty folder titled Custom Maps.

What is the broken handgun for in Resident Evil 7?

The Broken Handgun is one of the Consumables Items in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. On its own, the Broken Handgun cannot be used, but when combined with a Repair Kit, and can be turned into an M19 Handgun.

What is the combination for the lock in Resident Evil 7?

2) Open the code lock to get STRAW DOLL. Combination = Chainsaw Man – Raven on Hat – Baby. You can also see the combo by getting the telescope from the toilet, equipping it and running through the water in cake room, then look at screens through telescope and they will show the combination.

How do you get the second repair kit in re7?

The second Repair Kit can be found after locating a Treasure Photo in the Master Bedroom’s Storage Closet. The photo shows a room in the Testing Area lined with tripwires – look for a mannequin head on top of a cage in the corner, and move it aside to grab the kit.

Is Eveline Grandma?

It turns out that the harmless old lady is much more than what she seems. The grandma is actually the center of the whole nightmare you face in Resident Evil 7 because she’s really Eveline.

Is Ethan Winters dead?

Does Ethan Winters Die In Resident Evil Village? As revealed in the game’s final hours, Ethan actually has already died once – at the beginning of Resident Evil 7. … It’s also what allows Ethan to survive having Mother Miranda literally rip out his heart at the end of the game.

How is Mia alive in re8?

While Ethan Winters is out fighting Mother Miranda’s lords and trying to put his daughter back together, Mia is presumed dead. However, when Chris Redfield reaches Mother Miranda’s lab, he finds Mia in a cell. As it turns out, Mother Miranda kept Mia alive so that she could conduct experiments on her.