Who is John Kumalo in Cry the Beloved Country

In Cry, the Beloved Country, John Kumalo is Stephen Kumalo’s brother. John feels that he does not need the church because religion has not solved South Africa’s problems. Stephen decides to finds his brother and ask him why he never wrote.

Who is John Khumalo?

John Kumalo is our Kumalo’s little brother. He owns a shop in Johannesburg, but his real pride and joy is his politicking. He gives rousing speeches about taking back what white employers owe to their black employees and seizing a share of South Africa’s profitable mining profits for the black community.

What does Stephen Kumalo symbolize?

Throughout the novel, Kumalo acts as a moral compass, the glue that holds his family together—but he also represents more than that. He represents a man who has made mistakes in his life, who has regrets and grief yet finds the strength to go on anyway. He is the very definition of survival.

Who is John Kumalo and what are his political views be specific?

Formerly a humble carpenter and a practicing Christian, John Kumalo becomes a successful businessman and one of the three most powerful black politicians in Johannesburg.

What has happened to John Kumalo's wife?

Kumalo learns that John’s wife, Esther, has left him, and that John has since acquired a mistress. … Kumalo confesses that listening to John is painful for him, both because of John’s manner of speaking and because much of what he says is true. He tells John he has found Gertrude and asks about Absalom.

What does Kumalo visit the chief and the headmaster about?

Kumalo visits the school headmaster, but he fears that the headmaster’s teachings about farming are more academic than practical. … He asks what children do without milk, and Kumalo tells him that some children are dying. The small boy practices his Zulu with Kumalo and rides off.

Who is Absalom Kumalo?

In Cry, the Beloved Country, Absalom Kumalo is a young man who commits murder and is later hanged for the crime. He is also Stephen Kumalo’s (the main character) son. Despite the fact that Stephen spends most of the first half of the story searching for Absalom, he does not speak very often.

How does Kumalo change in Cry the Beloved Country?

Stephen Kumalo changes drastically during the course of the novel. He gains a great awareness of many facets of life by going on a journey to Johannesburg. Before this journey, he was a country priest who was a good man but who had no understanding of the wider world.

What does Kumalo learn about his brother John?

When Kumalo tells Msimangu that John is his brother, Msimangu explains that John is no longer religious. While Kumalo and Msimangu, as well as Arthur Jarvis, see religion as something that can help South Africa, John sees religion as just another way to control black people.

Who can save Kumalo?

By village standards, Kumalo and his wife are middle-class, living in a house with several rooms. They struggle, however, to save money for their son’s schooling and for a new stove.

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What does Kumalo fear?

Kumalo fears the rejection of Mr. Jarvis and the congregation because of Absalom’s crime, but they do not hold Kumalo accountable.

Why does Rev Stephen Kumalo leave for Johannesburg?

In Cry, The Beloved Country Stephen Kumalo goes on a journey to Johannesburg to help his sister and find his son. In the beginning Stephen is a quiet and pious man, full of humility and love, but also naiveté.

Who is Gertrude Kumalo?

Gertrude is Kumalo’s little sister—much littler, in fact, since she is twenty-five years and a whole generation younger than Kumalo. Before the beginning of the novel, Gertrude’s husband left her with her small son to go work in the mines, and stopped writing letters home.

Who summoned Stephen Kumalo to Johannesburg?

In Johannesburg, Kumalo is warmly welcomed by Msimangu, the priest who sent him the letter, and given comfortable lodging by Mrs. Lithebe, a Christian woman who feels that helping others is her duty.

How many children does Stephen Kumalo have?

In particular, the novel explores two significant father/son relationships: that of Stephen Kumalo and his son Absalom Kumalo, and that of James Jarvis, and his son Arthur Jarvis.

Who is Kumalo's wife in Cry the Beloved Country?

Lesson Summary In Cry, the Beloved Country Mrs. Lithebe is an old woman who owns the house where Stephen Kumalo and his family stay. She is kind and giving, believing that the reason for life is to help others.

Who is Absalom's girlfriend in Cry the Beloved Country?

Analysis — Book I: Chapters 16–17 Whereas Gertrude, enmeshed in her seedy Johannesburg life of prostitution and liquor-selling, is cynical, Absalom’s girlfriend, who is young and unwise to the ways of the world, is optimistic.

Is Msimangu white?

Of all the characters in the novel, Msimangu has the clearest understanding of South Africa’s injustices, and he serves as Paton’s mouthpiece in suggesting a solution: Christian love. According to Msimangu, white South Africans oppress the blacks because they fear their numbers and their power.

What happens to Absalom Kumalo?

– Stephen Kumalo’s son. Absalom is led astray by Johannesburg and the people with whom he associated, leading to his accidental murder of Arthur Jarvis during a botched robbery. Absalom is found guilty of the crime and sentenced to death. He is afraid, but eventually comes to a kind of peace before his death.

Why did Absalom Kumalo go to Johannesburg?

Absalom is Kumalo’s only child, and he’s also one of the main reasons that Kumalo arrives in Johannesburg in the first place: Kumalo wants to track down the son who has stopped writing home to Ndotsheni. … (The “young white man” is the person who runs Absalom’s old reform school; the “white warder” is a prison guard.)

Does Kumalo forgive Absalom?

Lesson Summary After Msimangu is harsh with Kumalo’s pregnant future daughter-in-law, Kumalo forgives him, but lets him know that they will go back to her. When Absalom goes to trial, the judge does not offer him any forgiveness in his sentencing, but he does ask for God’s forgiveness on Absalom’s behalf.

Who does Kumalo think will save the village?

The drought in Ndotsheni continues. The land is dry, and when children play outside, they run from one source of shade to another. When they walk through the grass, it crinkles under their feet because it is so dry. Kumalo believes that Ndotsheni can be saved if children are taught to take better care of the land.

Why did Kumalo go to the mountain?

In the final chapter of Cry, the Beloved Country Kumalo goes to a special mountain that he visits when things get hard. He heads off the night before his son is scheduled to be executed.

What sad news does the bishop bring Kumalo?

The man has come to tell Kumalo that James Jarvis’s wife has died. Stunned, saddened, Kumalo speaks to his wife about Mrs. Jarvis’s death.

What is Msimangu's fear in Cry the Beloved Country?

Msimangu’s fear that by the time “they”—the whites—turn to loving, “we”—the blacks—will have turned to hating calls attention to Kumalo’s sense of the shift in black attitudes toward whites.

Why did John Kumalo's wife leave him?

Esther. Esther is John Kumalo’s former wife. He leaves her because she expects him to be faithful to her, and he doesn’t want to be.

Where does Kumalo hear Msimangu preach?

Kumalo finds Msimangu’s preaching at the center for the blind at Ezenzeleni to be inspiring.

What is the significance of Kumalo's sons name?

When Absalom murdered Arthur Jarvis, he denied God, much like Peter did when Christ was arrested. It wasn’t until he was arrested that Peter renewed his allegiance to Christ, so wanting to name his son Peter symbolizes Absalom’s apology and repentance to his father.

Why is Stephen Kumalo the protagonist?

Stephen Kumalo He’s got to be our main character because it is his search for his family—and, once he finds them, his quest for new ways to keep what has happened to the Kumalos from happening to anyone else—that structures the whole book.

What village does the story begin in and is the home of Stephen Kumalo?

Plot summary. In the remote village of Ndotsheni, in the Natal province of eastern South Africa, the Reverend Stephen Kumalo receives a letter from a fellow minister summoning him to Johannesburg. He is needed there, the letter says, to help his sister, Gertrude, who the letter says has fallen ill.

What did Kumalo do for Jarvis?

What did the natives do for him? Kumalo sends a sympathy letter to Jarvis. The natives send a wreath of white lilies with a card that had their sympathy on it.