Who is the most significant character in Heart of Darkness

Marlow. The protagonist of Heart of Darkness. Marlow is philosophical, independent-minded, and generally skeptical of those around him. He is also a master storyteller, eloquent and able to draw his listeners into his tale.

Who is the most significant character in the novel Kurtz Marlow the unnamed narrator explain?

Marlow: Narrator and main character of Heart of Darkness, Charlie Marlow is defined by his obsession with a man named Kurtz. Though he is described as wise and knowledgeable beyond his years due to his extensive traveling and experience at sea, Marlow follows his curiosity on a dangerous mission to find Kurtz.

Who is Kurtz in Heart of Darkness and what is most memorable about him?

One of the most enigmatic characters in twentieth-century literature, Kurtz is a petty tyrant, a dying god, an embodiment of Europe, and an assault on European values. These contradictory elements combine to make Kurtz so fascinating to Marlow — and so threatening to the Company.

Who is the main character in Heart of Darkness Marlow and Kurtz?

Marlow is the main character of Heart of Darkness. Through a relative, he joins a company in Brussels to work in Congo, the heart of Africa. Although he is employed as a seafarer, he doesn’t find work in his field except that the companies have been found vying to extract treasures from African hinterlands.

Why is Marlow the protagonist in Heart of Darkness?

Marlow serves as the protagonist of Heart of Darkness, and most of the novella features him telling his own story from his own perspective. … With this choice, Marlow wrestles with the proper response to immorality, and ultimately chooses to protect her from the darkness that has consumed his own mind.

Who is the Harlequin and why is she called that?

Character Analysis The Harlequin This Russian disciple of Kurtz is so named by Marlow because of the different-colored patches he wears on his clothes.

Who are the friends of Marlow who are on board the Nellie with him?

Marlow has four friends that are on board with him on the Nellie. The Director, that is also the captain and host, the Accountant, the Lawyer, and the unnamed Narrator. The unnamed narrator is important because he talks throughout the journey and lets us know what is happening.

What is the main theme of Heart of Darkness?

The main themes of Heart of Darkness include darkness, alienation and loneliness, and chaos and order. Darkness: Marlow sees “darkness” in the practices of imperialism, though the book maintains the racist implication that it is the uncivilized land and people that led to Europeans’ corruption.

Who is the agent in Heart of Darkness?

Kurtz is a central fictional character in Joseph Conrad’s 1899 novella Heart of Darkness. A trader of ivory in Africa and commander of a trading post, he monopolises his position as a demigod among native Africans.

Who is the antagonist in Heart of Darkness?

The primary antagonist in Heart of Darkness is Kurtz, whose descent into madness makes him the clearest embodiment of corruption and evil in the novella, and ultimately the character that fully disillusions Marlow in regard to European conquests.

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Where is Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness set?

Heart of Darkness is the story of an English seaman, Charles Marlow, who is hired by a Belgian company to captain a river steamer in the recently established Congo Free State.

What was Kurtz last words?

What do Kurtz’s last words mean? Kurtz’s last words—“The horror! The horror!”—can be interpreted in various ways.

What does Kurtz symbolize in Heart of Darkness?

Kurtz, one of the leading characters, the other being Marlow, the narrator of the soty, represents many symbols in the novel. Firstly, he symbolizes the greed and the commercial mentality of the white people of the western countries. Secondly, he symbolizes the white man’s love of power.

Who is the hero of Heart of Darkness and why?

Marlow is the protagonist in Heart of Darkness and is an adventurer who learns more of society and himself than he does of Africa in his adventures.

How did Marlow change in Heart of Darkness?

During the course of the book, Marlow transforms from an enthusiastic, curious adventurer to a pessimistic, broken westerner. And that, my good people, is what happens when one looks too deep into men’s Heart Of Darkness.

Which character represents to the imperialist view in the Heart of Darkness?

7. Imperialism in Heart of Darkness In Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Marlow, the main character, symbolizes the positiveness of Imperialism. Marlow, as a character realizes the evil that negative Imperialism has caused and decides it is truly unnecessary.

How is Marlow telling his story?

Marlow, the protagonist, tells his own story from his own perspective. Thus, the reader experiences the story from Marlow’s point of view. Owing to the subjective nature of first-person narration, a certain degree of unreliability is unavoidable, and Marlow’s narration is no different.

What was Marlow's job in Africa?

Marlow takes a job as a riverboat captain with the Company, a Belgian concern organized to trade in the Congo. As he travels to Africa and then up the Congo, Marlow encounters widespread inefficiency and brutality in the Company’s stations.

Who does Marlow work for?

He narrates his experiences as a captain of a steamboat for the Belgian trading company deep into the African hinterland of Congo. Here Marlow encounters three forms of darkness as he narrates his experiences that give the reader to view Marlow from different perspectives.

What does Arlecchino mask look like?

Arlecchino’s mask has a puggish nose, sometimes a bump on his forehead and usually with devilish and feline features. He is truly a colorful character!

What is the Russians role in the heart of darkness?

After serving on a number of Russian and English ships, the Russian Trader entered the African interior as a representative of a Dutch company. For two years he wandered the river alone, until he met Kurtz and became one of the man’s devoted followers.

Which character reminds Marlow of a Harlequin clown or jester in Heart of Darkness?

The harlequin’s catchphrase is that Kurtz has “enlarged my mind” (2.37). This paints Kurtz as a guru possessing arcane and mystical knowledge, and the harlequin as being, well, a little dim-witted. Plus, those funny clothes make the guy out to be something of a court jester for Kurtz, a clown not to be taken seriously.

What is Conrad message in Heart of Darkness?

Central to Conrad’s work is the idea that there is little difference between “civilised people” and “savages.” Heart of Darkness implicitly comments on imperialism and racism. The novella’s setting provides the frame for Marlow’s story of his obsession with the successful ivory trader Kurtz.

Who is the brickmaker in Heart of Darkness?

The General Manager’s most trusted agent. A sly, lazy, power-hungry fellow who despite his title seems to have never made a brick, the Brickmaker cares only about his own advancement and therefore sees Kurtz as a threat. He also thinks that Marlow and Kurtz are somehow allied within the company.

Is Heart of Darkness a hard read?

Conrad intentionally made Heart of Darkness hard to read. He wanted the language of his novella to make the reader feel like they were fighting through the jungle, just like Marlow fought through the jungle in search of Kurtz. … Heart of Darkness is structured as a frame tale, not a first-person narrative.

Is Heart of Darkness a true story?

Conrad’s famous novella is based on a real journey the author took up the Congo in 1890, during King Leopold II of Belgium’s horrific rule. It is a fantastic, imaginative journey to find a man named Kurtz who has lost his mind in the African jungle.

What is the flabby devil Heart of Darkness?

“The flabby, pretending, weak-eyed devil of a rapacious and pitiless folly” is one of the central images with which Marlow characterizes the behavior of the colonists. He refers back to this image at a number of key points later in the story.

What does Heart of Darkness suggest about society?

One of the major themes of Heart of Darkness is Europe’s imperialism over Africa. Though they are meant to represent the civilized society and the good, Marlow finds that they can still be equally barbaric. Through his journey, Marlow encounters scenes of torture, cruelty, and near-slavery.

Was Kurtz a good person?

Kurtz seemed to be the most successful and capable man that Marlow met during his journey towards the Inner Station, and he was praised enthusiastically by many people whom Marlow came across on his way.

What is the most valuable commodity in the Congo?

Mineral products constitute most of the country’s total exports: diamonds, which account for almost one-half of trade revenue, are the country’s most valuable export; crude petroleum, cobalt, and copper are also significant.

Is Kurtz a hero?

Who is the hero, Marlow or Kurtz? It is clear that both Marlow and Kurtz are the protagonists of the story; however, protagonist and hero are not always synonymous. Marlow is the hero in the traditional sense of the word, while Kurtz is the more modern hero, often referred to as the anti-hero.