Who plays Charles Montgomery

Dr. Charles Montgomery is the famed “surgeon to the stars” who built and was the original owner of the Murder House. He is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Matt Ross.

Who plays Charles Montgomery in AHS?

Year2011TitleAmerican Horror Story: Murder HouseRoleCharles MontgomeryNotes6 episodes

Who plays Charles in AHS season 1?

SPOILERS FOR SEASON 1 FOLLOW Charles Montgomery, played by actor Matt Ross, was the architect and original owner of the house. Building the house back in 1922 for his wife Nora, Charles was a “prominent doctor to the stars” who developed both an addiction to ether and a “Frankenstein complex.”

Who is Charles Montgomery based on?

While Charles’ crazed Murder House story is absurd, his name and persona are inspired in part by two real-life figures: Manson family member Charles “Tex” Watson and Black Dahlia murder suspect Dr. Walter Bayley.

What happened to Thaddeus Montgomery?

Unfortunately, one of his patients told her boyfriend, who kidnapped Thaddeus and dismembered him in an act of revenge. After the pieces were returned to Dr. Montgomery in jars, he lost his mind and attempted to sew his son back together, bringing Thaddeus back to life.

Is Kit Walker a real person?

Kit and Alma Walker from Asylum Precious babies Kit and Alma Walker were actually based on a real life interracial couple Betty and Barney Hill who claimed they had been abducted by aliens back in the ’60s. Fortunately, neither of them were subject to any of Briarcliff’s questionable methods of therapy.

What drugs did Charles Montgomery do?

He is described as having developed a gruesome “Frankenstein Complex”, wherein he stitched the assorted body parts of animals together. He also became addicted to the drug ether.

Is Pepper from AHS based on a real person?

Pepper, as played by Naomi Grossman for Freak Show, was based on Schlitze Surtees, a real carnival performer. Schlitze is thought to be a man named Simon Metz, born in 1901 in Bronx, NY. His parentage is unknown, but his condition relegated his brain development to that of a young child.

Is Dr Arden based on a real person?

Josef Mengele The infamous SS doctor at Auschwitz is said to have inspired the character of Dr. Arden a.k.a. German doctor Hans Gruper and his torturous experiments at Briarcliff.

What happened to the Countess baby?

The Countess’s Fetus Is Alive. Though The Countess insists she can’t really experience emotion, it seems that her poor aborted-but-alive son Bartholomew could very well the great love of her life everyone keeps referencing.

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Who is Beau in AHS?

Beauregard Langdon (better known as Beau) is the son of Constance and Hugo Langdon and the brother of Tate, Adelaide, and Rose Langdon. He is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Sam Kinsey. Unlike most of the ghosts haunting the Murder House, Beau is a very kind and innocent soul.

What happened to Nora Montgomery baby?

Nora and Charles’ son Thaddeus was kidnapped by the boyfriend of one of the girls Charles performed an abortion for. The police brought Charles and Nora evidence of what happened: glass jars filled with the dismembered body parts of their son. Distraught, Nora brought Charles a lace gown to bury their son in.

Why did Tate shoot up the school AHS?

Addy was bullied and/or molested; Tate was seeking revenge. Addy was in her 40s when she died. When Tate was a teen, Addy would have been already out of high school. … It is still possible for students to have bullied her outside of the school.

Is Tate a ghost?

In the pilot episode, Violet befriends Tate Langdon, one of her father’s patients, and the two eventually start dating. She later discovers that he is in fact a ghost who died in the house after committing a mass shooting at her school in 1994.

What happens to Vivian's babies?

‘A child born of human and spirit will usher in the end of times. … Vivien gave birth to the twins in the house, but Ben’s child was stillborn and Vivien died. That left only the baby fathered by Tate to survive. Ben tried to raise the child on his own, but he is killed by the other ghosts in the house.

Who funded Captain Fantastic?

The film got made due to Matt Ross seeking funding from the producer Lynette Howell Taylor at the Sundance film festival and its success and subsequent wider release was due to word-of-mouth and positive reviews. In these ways it is typical of the independent film world.

Who plays Ben Harmon?

Notes. Dylan McDermott is one of the twenty-five cast members that portrayed the same character in different seasons. He portrayed Ben Harmon in Murder House and Apocalypse.

How old is Tate Langdon?

Tate Langdon is a 17-year-old psychiatric patient harboring dark secrets. He is a character in the first season (dubbed by fans “Murder House”) primarily portrayed by Evan Peters.

What did the doctor do in Murder House?

Dr. Charles Montgomery built Murder House in 1922 for his wife Nora Montgomery. He is the father of Thaddeus Montgomery. He was a surgeon to the stars who lost his fame and started performing illegal abortions for extra money so, in 1926, his son was killed.

Is AHS true story?

You’ll be surprised to know that season 1 of American Horror Story is based on true events. Remember the dead nurses who were stabbed and drowned by a random attacker in Murder House? … Although he escaped, he was thankfully caught, sentenced to life and later died from a heart attack in prison.

Is Tate based on Kurt Cobain?

Upon Tate’s first encounter with Ben, he is wearing a very particular outfit that fans of the band Nirvana might recognize. It actually closely resembles the one worn by the lead singer, Kurt Cobain, on the music video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, to emphasize Tate’s nature.

Is Kit Walker still alive?

Kit WalkerAlias(es)born on May 9th, 1940Occupationformer filling station owner; former Briarcliff inmate; husband and fatherStatusabducted by Extraterrestrials

Is Briarcliff Manor real?

Briarcliff Manor is a fictional mental health facility featured in the FX Network television series American Horror Story. It is the main setting featured in season two of the show, American Horror Story: Asylum.

Is bloody face based on a real serial killer?

Bloody Face is based on the notorious serial killer Ed Gein. … Gein began graverobbing between 1947 and 1952, after the death of his abusive mother in 1945. The graves Gein chose were middle-aged women that he said reminded him of his mother.

Did Arden take Elsas legs?

Arden and Shelley lost her legs, the Nazi doctor was living happily in Germany and going by his birth name Hans Gruper. Thanks to a Freak Show flashback, we now know that the sadistic doctor had been practicing amputation for years and was even the one to take Elsa Mars’ legs back to their home country.

Is Marjorie real AHS?

Marjorie is a ventriloquist dummy owned by Chester Creb, who thinks she is an actual person, unaware that it is a hallucination and an alternate personality caused by his mental instability.

What's the scariest season of AHS?

1. Asylum. The absolute best season in terms of scares and, for many, in terms of everything else, too.

Is the coven in AHS real?

In reality, the mob was full of New Orleans white citizens who discovered LaLaurie’s grotesque tortures after earlier helping put out a kitchen fire in the mansion. … Delphine LaLaurie wasn’t the only true story included in AHS: Coven; certain mythologized characters and real-life figures also have integral roles.

Who turned Elizabeth AHS?

Well, although it was never explicitly stated, I think we can infer that her old-Hollywood buddy Rudolph Valentino turned The Countess. See, back before she was a powerful blonde running the world’s scariest hotel, she was a brunette film extra just as in love with Valentino in the 1920s as all his real life fans were.

Who is The Countess's son AHS?

Bartholomew is The Countess’s only biological child. He was fully developed at three weeks. Worried about what her partner would think, The Countess attempts to have an abortion at the Montgomery Mansion (Murder House) by Charles Montgomery. However, the baby survives the abortion and kills the nurse.

What is The Countess name?

More. Elizabeth (better known as The Countess) is the owner of the Hotel Cortez and a carrier of a mysterious blood virus. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Lady Gaga.